Listen, What’s Your Problem?

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Business exist to solve problems. We want to make the client’s world better. At least that’s the goal, right?

Clients are a vital part of creating success stories. Your local restaurant wants to feed you a great meal, so they listen when you say you want the fish, not the chicken. Your stylist makes you look fabulous when she hears that the event is a casual beach party not a fancy charity ball. As marketing, public relations and branding experts, our magic works only with the client’s full participation.

Seth Godin recently wrote about needing access, systems and ability to do great work. He asked, “What happens if you say to the people you hired, ‘I work for you, what’s next on my agenda to support you…?’” That’s a powerful statement and turns the business relationship on its head – it asks clients to listen to what vendors need.

As brand alchemists, our magic relies on the client’s engagement with the process. We require input when we ask for it. When clients aren’t fully involved, or don’t listen to our advice, we don’t have the support we need to do our best work. We can lead any client to water. We can’t make them drink unless they’re willing.

You help us do our jobs better by giving us what we need when we ask.


Who do you work for? (And who works for you?)

I always took the position that my boss (when I had a job) worked for me. My job was to do the thing I was hired to do, and my boss had assets that could help me do the job better. His job, then, was to figure out how best give me access to the people, systems and resources that would allow me to do my job the best possible way……….Read More

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  1. So true, Linda! Too often, clients hire us and then expect us to “read their minds” when designing – sometimes to the point of providing next-to-no information about their companies. If they participate, and give us the information we need, then the result will be so much stronger, and personalized to their business instead of our ideas about the business.

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