How do you create a success story?

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Good question! How does HCG’s Linda Miller-Zellner create your success story? She says:

First, what’s the real story? One of the things that I do well is connect with people. A friend even recently asked me whether there was someone I didn’t know. The answer is, of course, but that doesn’t stop me from meeting them!

Connecting with people results in uncovering their story, even if they aren’t telling me what it is in words. Intuition plays a big part in my work, as I help them to see their own amazing, authentic story.

Second, we brainstorm and strategize. Now the team gets its creative juices flowing to brainstorm a theme around which the client should tell their story. Some have never told their story. Being fearless is part of our strategy – not hiding behind the past. We encourage clients to raise the bar on their own expectations and walk towards their own light.

Finally, we use all the tools we have. We love the fabulous new media and marketing tools – Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. – because of their immediacy and grassroots oomph. We also know that traditional marketing methods work, and use the tools that make sense for each particular client’s story.

Add all the elements and you’ve got a recipe for success: Authentic stories + creative design + marketing = success!

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