Our Summer Bucket List

June 3, 2010 at 5:51 pm | Posted in Blog, Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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This past weekend marks the unofficial start of summer here in the Hamptons. It also marks the official countdown to summer’s end, Labor Day. With a tip of the hat to good friend Jeanna Gabellini for the fabulous ideas, here are some things on our summer bucket list this Hamptons’ summer.

  • Ice cream cones after work (heck, sometimes during work)
  • Water skiing
  • Visiting family and friends on long weekends
  • Local festivals and events
  • Visit the ocean every chance we get
  • Walking downtown to do what the tourists do
  • Date nights with my mate
  • Concerts on weeknights to make me feel like a teenager
  • Intend for something magical to happen each day
  • Visit the farmer’s markets
  • Keep tons of fruit in the fridge
  • Take 15-minute breaks during the day to sit in the sun and read
  • Go barefoot
  • Have people over and fire up the grill

And as Jeanna says, keep it real and keep it fun. The more fun you have, the easier prosperity can find you.

Cooper's Beach in Southampton, NY

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  1. Here’s my list – which seems Santa Fe heavy (I’m in Albuquerque)
    -See Lyle Lovett in Santa Fe
    -Celebrate my birthday in June with a fabulous meal at a restaurant I’ve never been to before
    -Visit family and friends in Minnesota
    -Go to several pool parties
    -Go to the International Folk Art Market (Santa Fe)
    -Go to the Sculptural Objects & Functional Art exhibition (Santa Fe)
    -Ride the train to Santa Fe when possible
    -See theater, often!

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