Five Easy Ways To Network Online

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Networking online builds our brand and client base across the country and around the world. From right here in the Hamptons! Here’s how we do it.

1-Hamptons Water Cooler, of course! It’s the first Hamptons’ only online social network, where participants promote upcoming events, share videos and photos, live chat, and contribute to the forum. It’s free to join and a great way to connect.

2-Social Media aka Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. No, it’s not about what you had for lunch – though if your business is food, it very well may be. All these social media sites can advance, place and promote your business. An occasional personal post doesn’t hurt – it makes you real.

3-Blogging allows you to rant, praise, question and connect with people about topics that matter to them, and you. They’re great ways to start and continue conversations.

4-E-newsletters keep your clients, friends and others informed about your events and happenings, and give you the ability to educate them about your business. Plus they get forwarded to the receivers’ web of contacts, too.

5-Webinars and tele-classes result in learning, questioning and connecting anywhere in the world. You never know who will participate – could be your next fabulous client, or a brilliant referral source.

Of course, we rely on in-person networking, too. But we love keeping the flow going online to work our magic with an even wider audience!

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