It’s A Heat Wave!

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For a while here in the Hamptons, we were dying. From the heat. With no air conditioning.

I know, first world problem, broken air conditioning. The AC is A-OK now, but reminded Linda of a time when her mom created her own “air conditioning” by situating the kids in front of a fan with a bowl of ice behind it. This novel solution cooled everyone off in hot temps. Problem solved.

Linda’s nephew, Matt Miller recently graduated high school and will attend Northeastern in Boston in the fall. Sharing the family’s can-do, entrepreneurial spirit, Matt’s started his own business in the Hamptons that solves a problem. He caters to a certain clientele with the goal of ensuring worry free summer pool parties. Matt is a Red Cross WSI/CPR Certified Lifeguard. His business is private events lifeguarding. He takes the heat off Hamptons homeowners for their summer fun times. 631.871.1433.

Our clients sometimes languish from their own heat waves – fried from trying to create and implement scorching marketing campaigns by themselves. Or their brands have wilted from lack of nurture. With us, they know that we’re keeping them safe from hazards, and conjuring up creative ways to get the word out. Even with no AC.

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