Building Your Brand Every Day

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Brands don’t write their success stories – and Seth Godin agrees!. Customers write our success stories. The question becomes how do we get our customers to build our brand every day?

1-First, YOU have to BE your brand every day. Because your brand has a personality. As the business owner, you are the living brand.

For example, Linda’s sister Patty is starting a new business called Minds in Motion. We spent last Friday together brand infusing, brain streaming and really getting her mojo flowing around the idea of transforming 26 years of public education system experience into her brilliant “brand.”

Ask yourself – are you funny, conversational, engaging, intellectual, self-deprecating, exclusive? That’s what your brand becomes to your customer. At least that’s what we hope.

2-We hope, because if you have employees, they’re delivering your brand every day, too. Have you educated them on what the brand is and how it is expressed? Maybe it means a logoed t-shirt. It definitely means answering the phone or greeting customers a certain way. Have you decided on specific language to describe your reason for existing? Start there.

3-Okay, once you’ve clearly defined your mission (why you exist), be sure you haven’t simply described the product or service you’re selling. You need a clearly defined reason for your customers to care – saving them money, getting them exposure, removing some sort of pain. Your product or service is the way the purpose is achieved, not the raison d’etre of your existence.

Need more help figuring out what your brand is and how to express it everyday? Hamptons Creative Group can help you help yourself, and your customer, build your brand every day.


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  1. Great advice,

    I’ve been developing my brand on a daily basis and have felt slow, but steady growth. Along with traditional brand building techniques I’ve incorporated modern techniques as well. Still the greatest way to build a brand is through word of mouth from your own customers. That’s why a strictly web-based promotion or strictly traditional based promotion won’t work. I am in the early development phases of my business right now and I will definitely use this blog as a resource. Thanks

    • You are absolutely right! There is nothing better than a very pleased client referring your services to others! That is also the highest compliment!

  2. Fabulous post, Linda! I especially agree with finding your mission – why your clients would be interested in having a relationship with you. And then you have to express that in all of the components of your brand – your text, your talk and your look!

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