A Dying Art – Personal Notes

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Alas! No more are the times when etiquette demanded fine penmanship on a perfect piece of specially selected stock and accompanying envelope. And yet! The dying art of personal note writing is alive and well in the Hamptons – Linda is a huge advocate of sending personal, handwritten notes. She believes that there’s nothing better than receiving one yourself. She uses them to follow up with clients, whether or not they purchased services, whatever the reason. She sends out notes saying “Hello, we’re here for you” after initial meetings, too.

Sometimes, though, she doesn’t have access to her stationery stock. On these occasions, she uses Paperless Post, a new online notecard program that sends high quality cards right from your smartphone or computer. Access this program for an on-the-fly way to say thanks after a meeting, to follow up, or even after job interviews. Otherwise, it’s handwritten all the way for us.

The handwritten note works for Hamptons Creative Group because it reminds people of us and the personal service we provide. Perhaps the person’s situation has changed. Perhaps they just needed a prompt to remember how much they need us! Sometimes they pass our information on to another. It’s all about staying connected.

Who could you connect with today via a personal note? Hamptons Creative Group connects you with your target audience with our extraordinary client services.

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