Gone to the Dogs

August 5, 2010 at 6:11 pm | Posted in Blog, Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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Part of the benefit of being entrepreneurs and business owners is that we can bring our furry kids to work. Dogs are the ultimate icebreaker. They break down barriers, represent unconditional love and acceptance, and can always be counted upon to start up or reenergize a conversation. Especially for those who don’t have kids, they’re a great way to get people talking. When we visit the dog park, we even know the pet owners by their dog affiliations – that’s Luka’s mom, or Happy’s dad. And who hasn’t had a pet do something outrageous, goofy, naughty or plain old hysterical that makes a great story? No one, that’s who!

In our little office building, all the business owners and employees have dogs. We often bring them to work, too. Sometimes, it looks like the wild kingdom. And what’s even better, all the dogs were adopted from shelters or rescue groups!

The shelters and rescues in our area use the summer to hold their fundraising runs, events and galas. That’s when people are here and raising awareness about the need to spay and neuter the burgeoning pet population is easy when people are around. Plus, there’s nothing better than socializing with your best canine companion. Unfortunately, we wind up with strays after the summer’s over. Irresponsible pet owners who adopt a fuzzy friend for their vacation home during the warm months abandon their friends when they return to the city.

Kristen’s Luka gets right up on the couch next to clients, sitting there with paws crossed like he’s part of the meeting. The idea is that we’re enjoying what we do, and creating a work environment that’s relaxing and fun for everyone is also good for the client.

Has your brand gone to the dogs? Is it in need of rescue? We’ll rescue you and your brand from obscurity and impending doom with our expert ability to connect and reenergize. And we’ll do it with tails wagging!


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  1. thank-you for spreading such an important message on pet ownership. pets are not a seasonal accessory. they are a lifetime committment!

  2. Love this blog! It is so true about dogs – through my dog I found my condo in Boston, it was a dog park friend who knew me as “ginger’s mom” who introduced me tothe property and the agent…they really do bring people together our furkids.

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