How Do You Manage Your Social Media Time?

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An enormous amount of time can be sucked away on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and mobile marketing, among others. How to manage the time sink is a common concern we hear from our clients. It’s a concern that we share. Because social media is a key element in our own branding and marketing plan.

And that’s the watchword – plan. Successful social media users have a plan to manage the daily, weekly and monthly demands of these sites, just like they have a plan to manage their other marketing efforts. They’ve decided how much time they’ll spend on each site. Here’s how:

Choosing which social sites or mobile initiatives to use – pick the ones where your target audiences are. Facebook is great for business to consumer marketing. But maybe Foursquare would work well for your retail business. Understand which sites attract your audience.

Commit to using them by scheduling time. Whether 30 minutes in the morning, after lunch or at the end of the day, every other day or twice a week, be consistent. Then finding the time becomes routine.

Pay attention to how others use the site or mobile marketing tool. Don’t just jump in and start tossing links at people. Take it slow, observe, and you’ll figure it out.

Be realistic. If you find it takes you more than your budgeted time to catch up, post and interact with others, either find more time, or reevaluate the sites you concentrate on. Sometimes more isn’t better. Or, decide that more time is needed and schedule it.

Most importantly, don’t allow yourself to become tempted to spend more time than you can realistically afford. Because time is a resource you’ll never get more of.

Need help figuring out which social media sites or mobile marketing methods your target markets uses? How to create a plan to reach them – and not just online? Hampton’s Creative Group conjures solutions to your marketing conundrums. Just ask!

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