Lessons from Bees

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Summer’s end reminds me of the industrious honeybee. You can learn some great lessons from bees that apply to business, marketing, branding and daily interaction with people.

  1. Be social. Bees are social creatures, relying on each other for survival. Each bee has a specific duty – guard the hive, lay the eggs, tend the young, find food. Humans are social, too. You’ve got to be social in your business and daily life because no one is completely self-reliant. We all depend on others to accomplish our goals.
  2. Leave pollen. When bees are out in the fields tasting flowers, they leave pollen behind. And not just the pollen from the plant they’re currently visiting. They leave pollen from all the accumulated plants they’ve flown to. When we talk to clients, family, the guy standing next to us in line, we leave our own essence behind, whether we realize it or not. Your marketing message is pollen waiting to fertilize someone’s garden.
  3. Tell others where the good stuff is. Did you know that when foraging bees return to the hive they do a little dance to tell others where the juicy flowers are? Sharing ideas, links, stories, referrals for businesses we think stand out from the crowd – the good stuff we encounter everyday – makes us valuable to our clients, friends and family. Even one person you tell, or one idea you share could be the catalyst for big stuff for you and them.

For years, Linda’s used and sung the praises of royal jelly, a bee product that’s touted as a way to lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, heal wounds and has an antibiotic effect. For sure, royal jelly is incredibly rich in B vitamins and calcium. That definitely qualifies as the good stuff.

Need help leaving your marketing message behind and telling others about the good stuff in your business? Hamptons Creative Group can connect you to your audience – we’re like the honeybees of the branding world!

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