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A client recently came to us with a request for a new logo and to help them develop a new brand identity for their company. They wanted to make the brand and image up to date and in tune with the times yet faithful to the values and traditions of the company.

Rose Jewelers is moving into a new phase in its storied business. For 70 years, this family owned and run retailer with two shops, in Patchogue and Southampton decided to put a modern twist on its image. We helped them refresh their logo and rejuvenate the brand. Check out the new logo below. What do you think?

Me & Jazzabel

Your logo is the cornerstone of your image. It’s a visual trigger of thoughts and feelings between you and your customer, like a bridge. If the design uniquely and memorably sets you apart from your competitors, that’s half the battle.

We’ll let you know when Rose’s new website is ready for “lift off”! In the meantime, you’ll still be able to browse and buy online by visiting them at Rose Jewelers. We know you will love all their fabulous merchandise!

Just like Rose is moving into a new phase, so is Hamptons Creative Group. Big changes to the website are coming and with these changes we will be better connected to our own customers! Plus, we’re diving head first into the wild world of mobile marketing. Watch us ride the waves!

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