What I Did This Summer

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Summer’s come to an end in the Hamptons. What better time for reflection on what I (and we at Hamptons Creative Group) did this summer?

This summer was one of transitions and transformations, in both life and business.

In the business we:

  • Renovated our offices – nothing like a fresh coat of paint and some spiffed up décor to breathe new life into our work.
  • Experienced first-hand what business is like on “Main Street” America. We’re right in the heart of it in the Hamptons.
  • Launched the Hamptons Water Cooler, our online social network and meeting place.
  • Started our weekly blog series, Word of Mouth.
  • Established our monthly e-newsletter, full of tips, ideas and success stories.
  • Became all around social media mavens – loving Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and all the other great ways to stay in touch.
  • Witnessed the impact of Search Engine Optimization and the resulting “wow” increase of followers for our own business, and those of our clients.
  • Developed a new front page for our website, complete with free e-book guide to social media marketing.
  • Finished and sent into the publishing ether my chapter of the forthcoming book “Ignite Your Business, Transform Your World.” It’s coming, I promise!
  • Dipped our toes into the wild world of mobile marketing – watch for more in the coming months!
  • Welcomed on board new clients, including Stitch Southampton, whose mention late summer styling event trunk show was a huge success.
  • Said goodbye to some departing team members, and hello to others, including my niece Megan, who has been freelancing for me as a Project Manager. Soon she will continue to do so virtually when she moves to Argentina! Showing us you really can take your business anywhere! Just last week we were happy to welcome a new social media assistant, Melissa, who has so far been an amazing addition to the HCG team!!

Personally, I:

  • Started taking my health more seriously, and discovered our local farmers markets and the bounty of fresh, local fruits and vegetables.
  • Combined a lot of networking with pleasure during the frenetic social season here in the Hamptons.
  • Became proficient at the helm of my new boat. Sailing is invigorating and challenging, and completely amazing!
  • Spent time by myself in Maine contemplating my new life and business directions.
  • Became overjoyed at LuLu’s recovery, and amazed as Scout continues to grow.
  • Reconnected with old friends, made lots of new ones, and welcomed the changes with brio!

Through all these changes and transitions, Hamptons Creative Group maintained the highest levels of customer service – the levels we’re known for. With new technologies and the ability to work virtually anywhere, we still having the capability to stay completely connected!

As fall arrives, your own business can fall in line, or fall apart. When you need help aligning your brilliant brand with your marketing messages, Hamptons Creative Group can conjure creative solutions, and open the door to your ideal audiences.

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