Put Some Personality In It

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Have you met us? We’re all about the personality. Unfortunately, many people think that in order to succeed in business, they must quash the very quirky, unusual, amazing and different aspects of themselves that make them unique. Their website, blog, and other marketing materials are downright boring. That’s too bad, because it’s their personality that’s going to make them successful.

JW Dicks & Nick Nanton are best-selling authors and consultants, who also have a publishing company that’s releasing my new book in November. They had a great blog post recently that you should absolutely watch and read.

Their key points are (in case you can’t get over to the link):

  • Show your personality. The more you tell people about yourself in your own way – through links, photos and stories on your Facebook page, Twitter, Flicker, etc. – the more likely they are to relate to you.

  • Let people know who you really are through an original story (JW and Nick have a formula for that, too).

  • Watch your business get bigger and better.

When you need help expressing your own amazing personality, look to us at Hamptons Creative Group. We’re experts at finding your success stories, creating visibility, and enhancing your image and credibility using traditional and new media tools.

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