Word of Mouth Oct 28, 2010 – Move It!

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Move It!

Word of Mouth | Hamptons Creative Group BlogLast week, I talked about The Mother of All Tag Sales, and how freeing it was to let go of stuff. Stuff that was weighing me down – literally and figuratively.

Continuing that theme, the elimination of the unnecessary, is a big part of my life these days. Streamlining my life, beginning with the accrued possessions that no longer serve me, has begun. Next up, selling the house that no longer serves me, either.

Letting go, especially in business, can be hard, though. I know it’s hard for me. Seeing the big picture – the picture of how I want my business to operate – really helps when I evaluate what’s serving me and what’s not. Is this process I’ve been using to do a business function still the best process? Or does it seem good simply because it’s familiar?

We’ve been testing several new ways to do our business better recently, and finding that some are great, and some leave a lot to be desired. We know that when we find the best ones, we’ll be streamlined and as agile as eels! We firmly believe, as does Seth Godin, that we need to “organize for joy” – giving our people the freedom (and yes, the expectation) that they will create, connect and surprise.

Scan me up Scotty
Recently, we added a business tool that we love, because we’re http://hamptonscreativegroup.mowbi.com/as addicted to our mobile devices as you are. We’re finding they can do more and more every day! In fact, see this funky black and white box with the geometric shapes on it? You’ve probably seen them in magazines, on billboards or retail stores. It’s a QR 2D matrix barcode readable by QR (quick response) scanners, which are found in most of our camera phones and smart phones. Grab an app from your carrier’s site, point at the box and scan away. You’ll be taken to a special site just for mobile users. Scan our QR code, and receive our exclusive complimentary e-book on social marketing. Pretty cool huh?

If you don’t have a smart phone, just click the box. You’ll get to the same place, and can access the e-book there, too.

We’re discovering new areas of mobile marketing everyday, and hope you’ll continue the journey with us, staying ahead of the curve with branding, marketing and social messaging. Hamptons Creative Group keeps the good stuff flowing, and can help you figure it out for your business, too.



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