Word of Mouth Nov 4, 2010 – Words Have Power

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Words Have Power

We interrupt this regularly scheduled series on mobile marketing to blog about something near and dear to our hearts. ~Words~ We make our living with them, right? We’re all Word of Mouth | Hamptons Creative Group Blogabout finding the magical ones that will transform your brand from blah to brilliant.

So we were thinking recently (thanks, Melissa!) about the power of words. Specifically, the kinds of words we use unconsciously, but that have enormous power whether we realize it or not. Words like never, always, but, should, and have to. Maybe we can’t always control ours thoughts – we can control our words and how we use them.

  • Eliminate NEVER and ALWAYS. What a change this makes! Nothing is absolute, so why do we say things are?
  • Use AND instead of BUT. But dismisses the statement before it. And includes it.
  • Avoid SHOULD. Should suggests that you are not in control of your actions. What happens if we commit one way or another to inspire confidence from others in our actions by turning shoulds into empowering statements like WILL, DO, or COULD?
  • Say NO when we mean no, instead of maybe, or perhaps. These wishy washy words leave people hanging.
  • Turn HAVE TO or MUST into GET TO. Try it, you’ll like it!
  • Delete the word HATE from your vocabulary. ‘Nuff said.

As we continue our journey into the high tech world of mobile marketing, words are more important than ever – because those words are what people will be seeing/reading/experiencing when we text or email them on their smart phones. Hey, look at that, we did turn this post into part of the mobile marketing series. Hamptons Creative Group – keeping the power of words flowing.



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