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Time Change

The New York City Marathon happened over the weekend, marking the height of the autumn season for us. Coincidentally, that day was also the day we “fell back” into standard time, gaining back the hour we lost in the spring.

Al Roker of the Today Show ran the marathon, and commented on television that he was so stressed about the time changing on the day of the race that he pushed his clocks ahead, not back. While I was at the gym that morning, my trainer was confused about whether she should “believe” her smart phone or the digital clock in the kitchen or the cable box. Apparently, some smart phones weren’t programmed to take the time change into account. Technology fail!

Which had us thinking about time. Sunday was a day of time grace, where if we’re a little late for something, or even a lot late, we can blame it on the time change rather than our time management skills. In fact, I bet a bunch of people were early for work on Monday because their dogs don’t carry timepieces, either. They are simply up at the same time as usual, expecting our attention. Only now that usual time is “earlier” than normal, the reverse of the springtime sleeping late phenomenon.

When I got to morning services at New Thought Spiritual Center on Sunday, the Center hadn’t changed the clocks yet. There was some talk about how God is never late! Well, neither is nature. The bees (remember them from our earlier post?) know when the time has come for certain tasks in their community. They don’t have external clocks telling them when to search for pollen. They don’t dance the dance of turning their watches backwards and forwards like we do. Their real time is indeed real, since it relies on nature, not an external concept of “unreal” time.

Linda’s famous for keeping her clocks and wristwatch 10 minutes ahead of the “real time.” She says she likes having extra time on her hands. Our new technologies sometimes have a hard time keeping pace with our culture, like those smart phones that didn’t make the switch for standard time. Sometimes our marketing methods lag behind, too.

The high tech, quickly changing world of mobile marketing can leave us late to the party, unless we make a conscious effort (like Al Roker getting up extra early) to stay abreast of changes. We at Hamptons Creative Group keep ourselves timely with our marketing messages – part of the reason for diving into the mobile marketing pool – and we want you to be up to the minute, too.



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