Word of Mouth Dec 30, 2010 – Year In Review

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Word of Mouth Dec 30, 2010 – Year In Review

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Year In Review

Hamptons Creative Year in Review It’s been a year of transitions and transformations, in both life and business. We at Hamptons Creative Group expects 2011 to be Hamptons Creative Year in Revieweven better! Here’s our round up of accomplishments, accolades, highs and howdies.

  • Hamptons Water Cooler came online in March – the first Hamptons-only online social network with more than 100 members who promote upcoming events, share videos and photos, participate in live chats, and contribute to our forum.
  • We debuted our new blog Word of Mouth in May! Are you part of our conversation about thHamptons Creative Year in Reviewe things, people, places and happenings that intrigue us each week?

  • We brought new, creative people onto our team
    Melissa Monette – Creative Collaboration Coordinator,
    Monika Straka -Go ddess of the Ledgers,
    Donna Amos -Secret Sauce Specialist,
    Kelly Koepke– Sorceress of Syntax, and
    Matthew Iscoe – Mission Controller. 


    Hamptons Creative Year in Review

  • In June, our monthly newsletter Heard Round the Cooler
    premiered. Each mont
    h we share success stories and tips, and announce happenings and events.

  • Our office received a fresh coat of paint and some spiffed
    up décor – it really breathed new life into our work.

    Hamptons Creative Year in Review

  • All year long, we became social media mavens – loving
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Ning and all the other
    great ways to  stay in touch. We loved it so much we created
    and released our e-book guide to social media.

    Do you have yours?

    Hamptons Creative Year in Review

  • With smart phones everywhere, Hamptons Creative Group added mobile marketing to the list of services we offer to our clients to
    engage with their audiences in an interactive and
    relevant manner.

    Hamptons Creative Year in Review

Through all these changes and transitions, Hamptons Creative GroupHamptons Creative Year in Review
continued to sh
are the success stories of clients, businesses, and friends across the globe. With new technologies and the ability to work virtually anywhere, we have the capability to stay completely connected planetwide!

And at the end is a great recap of 2010’s social media milestones, put together by our friends at
Blue Shoe Strategy. Share their genius and we’ll see you in 2011!




Click here to start reading now.


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