Pass It On: The Get Inspired! Project

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Pass It On: The Get Inspired! Project

Linda’s participating in the 2011 Get Inspired Project!
This is year two of the inspirational series of interviews designed to spark your own motivation and action. This year features Baby Boomers talking about what inspires them and how they cultivate inspiration year-round. Watch for more information about when Linda’s interview will be available online. A bonus for the online listeners will be three additional questions not included in the regular interview.

Here are Linda’s thoughts on inspiration.

What does inspiration mean to you?

The synchronicity of ideas/people/things is what inspiration means to me. I call it my “Godshot.” That’s when I’ll be talking/thinking/seeing something and a few minutes/hours/days later something different will come up to make me think about the previous experience. It’s a sign that I know the two have everything to do with one another. This is how the all-knowing universe propels me forward, because I’ve latched onto that sequence of “ahas.” When I know inside myself that I can intuit the message, I will hear about someone or something again. I’m not surprised anymore when it does happen. In fact, it happens several times a day to me now, because of my heightened sense of awareness of the possibility
of it happening.

How do you put that into practice?

I flex my inspiration muscle every day by working a spiritual program. I also share a lot with others in emails, phone calls, conversations, on Facebook, etc. I talk about being aware of the synchronicity of the universe all the time.

What is your greatest life lesson?

My greatest life lesson is what I wrote about in my chapter of the book “Ignite Your Business. Transform Your World.” The chapter’s called “Allow Wisdom And Intuition To Amplify Your Power.” It’s all about using your internal wisdom and intuition, listening to the voice within. I
used to live my life making the same mistakes over and over again. Ultimately, and only relatively recently around the time I sold my publishing company – I came to a place where I learned to follow my
experience, strengths and hopes as lessons to get over that bridge. My breakthrough put me on the road to explore more and more this thing I call my “Godshot” – my wisdom and intuition speaking to me.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want to be able to pass on the way I put into practice the principles I live by in everything I do. I even tattooed it on my ankle – a peace sign that says “Pass it on.”



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