Word of Mouth Jan 27, 2011 Road Trip Recap

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Word of Mouth- January 27, 2011

Jump in and buckle up, we are embarking on a month long Road Trip!
Where are you going and Why are you going there?
Those two questions hold the key, not only to the month ahead but to your overall marketing clarity. It is essential to have a clear vision of why you are getting on the road, where the road is leading you and the tactics required to get you there.
Linda vs. the Snownami 

Look at Linda’s Road Trip to Florida in late December. As you’ll recall, she and her dear friend Roberta left two days behind schedule because of the East Coast snownami. The reason for the trip was to transport Roberta’s red rocket south for the winter.  She had been commissioned to design accessories for the shoe line, Juno Shoe Girl in Jupiter, Florida. Linda had several clients to see along the way, so she was thrilled with the idea of mixing “Thelma and Louise” bonding time

with interstate client connecting. Join us as we recap how they found their way…

“The roads getting out of Long Island were still laden with mountains of snow and debris. In fact, the Belt Parkway was down to one lane with piles of snow taking up the other. Roberta and I laughed as we Queens Girls passed ‘the old country’ — Bayside and Forest Hills — where we like-minded, fun-loving future entrepreneurs met!

Determined to get to Jupiter, FL on New Year’s Eve, we did. In at 5 pm, we were out the door again by 5:20 dressed in our frilly finest (a way better look than car clothes), to meet Nina of Juno Shoe Girl and
friends for dinner. After making a wish over traditional black-eyed peas and greens, it was time for revelry. We were celebrating the end of another great year plus the success of Nina’s neat new shoe business.

Share the Vision

We put our best feet forward starting on New Year’s Day. At the Juno Shoe Girl studio, the party really got started. Taking my show on the road, I shared marketing and branding advice. It was just another example of Hamptons Creative Group working its magic planet-wide.”

Delivering the Message

Between strategy sessions and vitamin D absorption, everyone obviously had a great time. And when Linda was down south, the rest of the team was delivering customized New Year Marketing Makeovers to clients  throughout Long Island.

Our Map or Yours

When you work with Hamptons Creative Group, it’s like being on your own road trip with us. You’re in the driver’s seat, and we’re completely engaged as navigator – directing you down the right marketing path
that’ll bring you to your ideal customers. With our roadmap, we’ll guide you to your destination.

Venture Virtuoso Due South

Linda’s engine is already revving to provide driving assistance to her brother Jim, Hamptons Creative Group’s Venture Virtuoso. He’s off to Florida for the months of February and March. The route they’ll take allows them to visit colleagues and connections missed because of the
December weather delay.

We’ll be telling you about that in the coming weeks during Road Trip Month!



Hamptons Creative Group


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