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Word of Mouth – February 10, 2011

Road Trip Month, Week 3

We’ve arrived at Road Trip Month Week 3 and we’re enjoying road tripping through branding, social media and marketing.

Many Roads, One Focus

Thinking lately about our far reaching pit crew, their work isn’t performed solely in our office on Main Street in Southampton. Our team members work their magic in far-flung places! Donna inspires possibilities from Cincinnati. Jim, the Venture Virtuoso, conveys his insights this winter from Florida. Kelly, the Sorceress of Syntax, transmits her words over electronic media from Albuquerque.

In fact, when the Hamptons-based individuals come together physically, they represent the reaches of Long Island all the way out to Montauk! Our teamwork keeps us all driving toward the same goals, though we’re on different byways to get there.

Whatever road the mind of your customer drives down, that’s how we deliver the message, too – using the modes of the web and email, video and social media, as well as traditional distribution methods like newspaper, magazines, TV and radio advertising.

Our Clients at the Wheel

One of our clients is overhauling her message engine to come nose to nose with the way she delivers her service. Southampton Limousine, Ltd. (the oldest and largest limousine service in the Hamptons, with locations in Palm Beach and Los Angeles) has long transported clients by car, by plane and by helicopter. Their name doesn’t convey that message, though. So, in addition to providing convenience and a stellar experience, they’re emphasizing the many modes of their service with a name change to Southampton Transportation.

A Full Fleet of Vehicles
Hamptons Creative Group

Whatever special delivery method we’re using — email, fax, Skype, telephone, or web-based collaborative workflow software — Hamptons Creative Group’s compass always points to the true north of our clients’ destination: branding success and high-octane awareness.

Make way, we’re in the fast lane.



Hamptons Creative Group


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