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Word of Mouth – February 24, 2011

Guest Blog Post: David White and Connections

We asked David White of Weboptimiser to be our inaugural guest blogger this week. A brilliant, and no kidding, former rocket scientist, David’s turned his amazing brain to the world of search engine optimization and helping others ensure that their online marketing gets found.

We’re proud to know him and excited about the work Hamptons Creative Group and Weboptimiser will create together.

Here’s David’s take on making connections in our increasingly related planet.


Well, conversations to me most often describe experiences and there is nothing better than real life experiences to draw upon for conversation. So I have a couple of recent experiences that occurred (and are re-occurring) from just the last few weeks.

It really is all about the experiences that you have in life that make the difference. I found myself in Orlando and I happened to have the experience of being in the audience of the Brian Tracy show, someone that I had long admired since I started my career in sales. He taught me, amongst other things, the principle of rapport.

Brian’s keynote presentation, his content, and message were as poignant as ever, and honed to the bone, perfect. I even managed to record snippets on my mobile phone. From that experience I created a very short video.


Well, would you know! I was invited from the audience to be interviewed by Brian. That interview is scheduled to be shown on broadcast television in the next few weeks. You fortunate readers get a sneak peek, below, of what I do and how I do it. But really, the attraction is Brian.

On getting home to the UK, I discovered I had been awarded a Golden Quill Award, to be given to me at the Best-Seller’s Summit and Awards Ceremony in New York City. That’s where I met Linda Miller-Zellner, a fellow award winner, great conversationalist and fellow Brian Tracy fan. And that’s how Linda and I connected. If I hadn’t connected with Brian Tracy, I would never have been asked to be a guest blogger for Hamptons Creative Group.

The Video

Arguably Brian’s the BEST guy in the world at helping you achieve your business goals faster than ever before. He is a best selling author too, like me. He has been doing what he does for years and years, like me, too. You can see him online, now, it’s free, no registration required and you will see me giving away 101 ideas to bring traffic to your website.

(Click the image above to view the video or go here.)

We hope you’ve enjoyed David’s perspective and we thank him for contributing this week.



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