Word of Mouth – March 3, 2011 Spring Changes

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Word of Mouth – March 3, 2011

Spring Changes

Spring is almost here at Hamptons Creative GroupWherever you are in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is almost upon us (though you wouldn’t know that from the wintry weather hanging on here in New York). So, as we “March into spring,” we’re thinking about changes – time changes, changes in the business climate, changes around the world, and changes in how messages are delivered to key audiences.

We’re also thinking about what those changes mean.

Global ChangesGlobal Change - social media is playing a big part.

Social media recently played a huge role in the change happening in the Middle East. Facebook and other social media sites linked many Egyptians who otherwise would not have connected to start a grassroots revolution, literally!

More people than ever have now heard about this thing called social media and how it can absolutely affect governments planet-wide. Social media has cemented itself as a movement that’s catapulting communication at a rapid pace.

Business Changes

Facebook is changing how businesses reach their audience, too. A new format goes live for all pages on March 10. The new layout has many scratching their heads, though. What will the changes mean for your current content? How do you manage the changes? What does the new photo display mean for your marketing? Why are some wall posts hidden from view?

Change Ahead! One way to familiarize yourself with the rapid pace of change is to ask an expert.On her recent road trip, Linda heard from so many people  about their frustrations in trying to figure out all the changes by themselves. As an independent business person or solo-preneur, one way to familiarize yourself with the rapid pace of change is to ask an expert. That’s what we do! We are your social media experts.

At Hamptons Creative Group, we want to help you change up your marketing and branding strategies to match the accelerated pace of your business. We’ve compiled social media and email marketing best practices and strategies for you, too.

Join the revolution and leap ahead of your competitors.



Hamptons Creative Group


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