Word of Mouth March 10, 2011 Driving Miss Ginger

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Word of Mouth – March 10, 2011

Driving Miss Ginger

Linda’s returned from another road trip! This time Hamptons Creative Group’s Venture Virtuoso Jim and his dog Miss Ginger traveled to Florida as Linda played co-driver and navigator. When given the opportunity to steer Jim’s performance BMW down the highway, especially in Southern Georgia where the speed limits are higher, she leapt at the chance!

Piloting that Beemer is like floating down a smooth, fast flowing river – nothing but fun.

Going Off the MapIt's a long drive. Linda remained flexible to changes along the journey.

Even having a preliminary road map for the drive south from Long Island, she and Jim remained responsive to change when necessary. Some planned meetings didn’t happen. (Nick and JD from Celebrity Branding headed off to New York for the Grammy’s right when Linda was heading in their direction!) Despite gaps in AT&T’s cellular coverage on the highway, plenty of pit stops had WiFi to connect with the world and check in to see that Hamptons Creative Group projects were still on track.

See, Linda’s the ultimate in flexible. She’s prepared for changes in her personal and professional lives. She’s created her Hamptons Creative Group team of subject experts and given them the freedom to do their jobs in order to best serve clients. She’s set up systems that support everyone’s work, no matter where or when they do it – including her own.

Back in the Driver’s Seat

Linda’s going back down again in late March to pick up her friend Roberta from Juno Shoe Girl. You’ll be pleased to know that Juno Shoe Girl’s got legs! More on that to come. And in April, Linda’s reversing her road trip with Jim and Miss Ginger, shepherding them home after their Sunshine State sojourn.

These March and April return trips are like bringing home fresh fruit – ideas and creative sparks. All this back and forth might disorient some. Not Linda, the consummate champion of change. Her trips actually replenish her creativity with changes in scenery. It’s part of the brand alchemy she conjures for Hamptons Creative Group’s clients, too.

Because branding can only be consistent when looked at from all angles, a change in perspective can dramatically affect your message and thus your customers’ perceptions of your brand.

Asking the Tough QuestionsAre you asking the right questions about change?

How well are you prepared for changes? When speed limits change or bumps appear in the road, are you cruising with ease like the BMW or struggling to keep up? Is your reach expansive enough so you can “touch” your contacts, even when they’re somewhere else? What changes could make your brand planet-wide? Have you thoughtfully captured these changes in a plan that’s flexible enough to weather the occasional course correction?

And by NOT changing, what is that costing you?



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