Word of Mouth March 24, 2011 Out of Hibernation

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Word of Mouth – March 24, 2011

Out of Hibernation

Two milestones of note this past week in the Hamptons: St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of spring.

St. Patrick’s Day marks the unofficial opening of many Hamptons’ stores shuttered during the rough weather months of January and February. Quite literally, March 17 is the first day of the spring season for us. Shop owners, weekenders and residents who made a beeline for warmer climes begin returning, and we tough locals come out of hibernation to greet them.

And despite yesterday’s brief snowfall, the first days of spring also evoke thoughts of spring cleaning – sprucing up the homestead, throwing out the accumulated debris of winter, and embracing the new growth we see poking its head tentatively through the snow. We also realize that the new year is three months old already!

Calendar CheckIs your marketing on track for the year?

As nature and the business cycle here on Long Island ramp up, we at Hamptons Creative Group also experience an influx of calls and emails from business owners who realize their business year is now 25% completed. They’re seeing that the minutia of everyday work has sidelined their good January intentions of recharging their marketing efforts. Or, they realize the plans they put in place in December and January need a tune up.

Ask yourself, how effective has your marketing plan been so far this year? Have you detoured off the road to increased customer awareness and sales? Does your branding engine need a jump start? Hamptons Creative Group’s brand alchemy can be like a new set of sparkplugs in your motor – boosting you to a new level of performance and revving up the RPMs of your success.



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