Word of Mouth March 31, 2011 Guest Blogger Sherri Garrity

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Word of Mouth – March 31, 2011

Guest Blogger Sherri Garrity

Continuing our guest blogger series, this week, we asked Sherri Garrity, the outlaw behind Corporate Fugitive, to share some insights. Here are Sherri’s thoughts on collaboration and how women are ideally suited to working this way.

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby?

Earlier this month, the world marked the 100th International Women’s Day. The Catalyst research company released its 2011 report that tells us women continue to be absent from the big board tables of the corporate nation.

So if they’re not at the board tables of the nation, where are they? Many of them have left the building.

We know that women in North America continue to start businesses at twice the rate of men. It’s no coincidence that they’re choosing self-employment as an alternative to the career path. It gives us the chance to be ourselves in business and earn without the limitation of a pay grade. Not to mention we enjoy a different quality of life than the typical 9-to-5.

In my work at Corporate Fugitive, I work with professional women taking this step. They want to do business differently than they did in the workplace, and I help them by building the business that is the custom-fit for them.

What I’ve observed (and experienced, too) is that it’s not making the physical leap that’s tough, it’s the mental leap. We envision doing business in a kinder, gentler way, yet our social and practical experience has little to offer as a model.

In a culture where chain of command is the method of communication, progress is linear and “she or he who has the most toys, information or (insert noun here) wins” is the motto, it’s no wonder we’re wired for competition.

The Corporate Fugitive, guest blogger for Hamptons Creative Group
Creative collaboration is often the better choice.

Investing in developing partnerships is as important as proactive marketing, and many business owners (women and men) don’t spend consistent time on either. I counsel all of my clients to spend as much time developing rich networks of colleagues and potential joint venture partners as they do on their clients. To quote a wise female entrepreneur I know, “Your network equals your net worth.”

And what your grandma told you is still true: mind the pennies and the dollars take care of themselves. A handful of quality colleagues in your corner can bring you more than enough business, and faster than you could ever do it alone. Dare to collaborate, and leave the competition behind.

Sherri Garrity is the Chief Corporate Fugitive and creator of the Five Keys Success SystemTM for ex-corporate employees and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to break free from the confines of their corporate experience and unlock their business potential for greater personal freedom and prosperity. Visit Sherri’s blog at http://www.thecorporatefugitive.com



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