April 2011 Newsletter from Hamptons Creative Group

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Creative Thought Matters - The Monthly Newsletter from Hamptons Creative Group

April 2011 – Creative Thought Matters

~Message from the Alchemist~

Over a recent three days, Hamptons Creative Group dived deep into the topics of communication, marketing messages and vocabulary, and branding. We brought in outside inspiration – people, speakers and thinkers – to help us rev up our creative energy. One tidbit we gleaned was that a recent study says Internet advertising has now exceeded print adverts. This confirmed that social media really is a useful tool in any business’ marketing mix.

Our clients (and you) know we’re all about collaboration and creativity. We find ideas in many places, including talking with people in person, via email and online in places like the Hamptons Water Cooler. Our collaborative community is full of creative individuals – guest bloggers, ad hoc designers, editors and subject experts – who spark our inspiration and refresh our thinking.

The real lesson from our three days of creativity immersion? We don’t always have to do everything by ourselves or rely only on the talent we have in house. It’s okay to reach beyond our boundaries for resources, ideas and help. We find that our own creativity gets a boost by collaborating with others. Yours will, too.

~Heard Around The Cooler~

Looking for an example of how businesses collaborate? Look no further than the Hamptons Water Cooler. This past weekend, Fast-teks of Long Island’s East End teamed up with Watermill Cupcake Company to offer “Tech and a Cupcake Day.” In addition to the delicious cupcakes, specialty baked goods, and gourmet coffees, Fast-teks certified computer technicians were on-hand providing a free diagnostic evaluation for customers’ PCs.

While we may not think of sweet treats and technology going together, this event is a great example of how creative collaboration can work to serve the interests of customers. How do you team up in the Hamptons? Visiting the Hamptons Water Cooler is one way to start.

~Beach Booty: Tips from Hamptons Creative Group~

Magazines, websites and newspapers overflow with stories and images of people, items, places

and experiences that might spark your creativity or lead to a promising collaboration. Over the next few weeks, clip stories that motivate you and save them in a creativity folder to browse for inspiration. If you’re a visual person, group favorite images together on a vision board – a collage of inspiring images. When you surround yourself with images of what you want, you will be more likely to find those people, places, experiences and things in real life.

Need help sparking your creativity? Let Hamptons Creative Group help you spark your marketing idea machine and jump start your brand inspiration.

~Success Stories~

Hamptons Creative Group can’t stop talking about Joshua’s Place, a beautiful, non-profit wellness retreat center eager to spread the word about their services and location. But they had no social media presence and no way to reach their potential customers beyond an obsolete mailing list. They turned to us to appeal to a new audience who couldn’t see their physical location (prominent signage is prohibited there).

We’re putting them on the right path to savvy social media marketing by creating and maintaining their presence, exploding awareness about them, and beefing membership ranks exponentially and quickly with our expertise in marketing and branding.

~On the Horizon~

How was the 1st quarter of business? Is your branding aligned? Are you reaching your target market? Have you already abandoned your plan? Ready for Your Success Story?

Make now the time you reach your goals! Starting with the exclusive Goal Focus Sheet. With this powerful tool, you can finally turn your marketing efforts into a success story.

There’s time remaining to make 2011 a banner year. Businesses and Solo-preneurs can get sidetracked, missing out on the important opportunities and trends that enable some to stand apart from the competition.

Hamptons Creative Group cares about helping others create success stories. If your success story is still waiting to be written, don’t let any more time go by. The Goal Focus Sheet is the first step you can take today to reach your goals.

So, what’s on the horizon? Let us know your challenges and we’ll help you make the changes toward your own success story.


Linda has contributed a chapter to a new e-book about collaboration, edited by Corporate Fugitive Sherri Garrity. More details soon!

Thanks to everyone who helped us make the events leading up to our Relay 4 Life team walk a great success, including Ladies Night at Rose Jewelers. Hamptons Creative Group contributed much of the design/promotion work for team Walk With Me’s community fundraising events as a participant (Linda walked) and media/marketing/branding partner.

Hamptons Creative Group teams up with GalTime.comLinda and Hamptons Creative Group are the new Hamptons Ambassador for online community Galtime.com. We’re already connected to everyone, and we’re now the people on the ground providing an in person presence at Galtime events, as well as expertise, blog posts and other resources to this site that appeals not only to women in the Hamptons, but women planetwide. A bonus is that we get network with ambassadors in 27 other cities (so far), and team up with local TV and radio to promote the site.

~Hamptons Creative Group Blog~

Did you navigate the blustery changes of March? Did you see Sherri Garrity’s guest blog about the changing way business gets done? You did if you follow our blog, Word of Mouth. Each week, we’re keeping the conversation flowing and staying connected with the things, people, places and happenings that spark our creativity. Are you connected?



Hamptons Creative Group Visit our website


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