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Word of Mouth – April 7, 2011



You know how crucial collaboration and connection is . For Hamptons Creative Group, connecting is the only way we know to create meaningful relationships – whether personal or business. In fact, Linda just submitted a chapter to a new ebook by last week’s guest blogger about collaboration from the heart.

The chapter talks about how connecting is not self promotional, though it may eventually lead to business transactions. And about how too many people think that in order to succeed in business, they must quash the very quirky, unusual, amazing and different aspects of themselves that make them unique. Their website, blog, and other marketing materials are thus downright boring. That’s too bad, because their personality is going to make them successful.

Connecting from the Heart

Hamptons Creative Group makes connections from the heartWe cultivate the trait of connecting from the heart – one that comes naturally for others and me. How we do it isn’t a secret. We show our true personality. And the more you tell people about yourself in your own way – through the questions you ask, the stories you tell, your on and offline presence – the more likely they are to relate to you and your brand.

We find connections and spark our creativity in many places, including talking with people in person, via email and online in places like the Hamptons Water Cooler. Our collaborative community is full of creative individuals – guest bloggers, ad hoc designers, editors and subject experts – who spark our inspiration and refresh our thinking.

Who do you turn to when you need help sparking your creativity? Hamptons Creative Group loves to collaborate to jump-start our client’s brand inspiration. We’re doing that by offering our exclusive Goal Focus Sheet. With this powerful tool, you can finally turn your marketing efforts into a success story. If your success story is still waiting to be written, don’t let any more time go by.
Hit the target with Hamptons Creative GroupThe Goal Focus Sheet is the first step you can take today to reach your goals. There’s still time remaining to make 2011 a banner year. Businesses and solo-preneurs can get sidetracked, missing out on the important opportunities and trends that enable some to stand apart from the competition.

Why be left out? Why settle for the same outcomes as last year? Why not start using the tools that make a difference – to you, to your customers, to your bottom line?

Are you ready to collaborate on your success story?



Hamptons Creative Group


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