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Word of Mouth – April 14, 2011


Continuing our theme of collaboration and creativity this month, it’s time to talk about outsourcing and creativity. Outsourcing creativity is about going beyond your internal resources to find the right collaborative partners. We do it all the time, as we wrote last week.

Many clients come to Hamptons Creative Group with great resources already in place for their established marketing channels: web coders, graphic designers, writers, editors and/or advertising folks. These aren’t necessarily employees – sometimes they are reliable external freelancers or agencies. When the client gets turned on to us, and sees what we can do, they add our services to their mix. We all work jointly on the client’s behalf.

Hamptons Creative Group can be a part of your collaborative team.It’s important for them to know that with us, they have access to resources beyond their own. And they have confidence that we don’t want to wrest control of anything or anyone they’ve already established. Instead, we work as a group with all the components in place. We’re not about stealing business from anyone. In fact, we love the creativity that collaborative efforts spark!

By adding elements they don’t have, or contributing to ones that need a boost, everybody wins. So don’t be afraid of working with outside people and groups, even if some of the services they provide are the same as your own resources. Only get what you need from them.

When you work with Hamptons Creative Group, we diagnose and plug the holes for you like a creative vitamin boost. Tailoring our services to what the client needs is the collaborative mindset we bring.

Who do you turn to when you need help sparking your creativity? Hamptons Creative Group loves to collaborate to jump-start our client’s brand inspiration. We’re doing that by offering our exclusive Goal Focus Sheet. With this powerful tool, you can finally turn your marketing efforts into a success story. If your success story is still waiting to be written, don’t let any more time go by.



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