Word of Mouth April 28, 2011 Guest Blogger Gaile Burchill

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Word of Mouth – April 28, 2011

Guest Blogger Gaile Burchill

As we wrap up April’s theme of collaboration, this month’s guest post comes from Gaile Burchill, coach and author. Collaboration doesn’t have to be external, as Gaile explains. The most important person to collaborate with is yourself.

Walking Your Talk

My husband and I have aligned our work around our Spirituality. Among other practices, we support clients in listening for and trusting their Divine guidance. And we were not walking our talk.

The guidance was flowing, mind you, but sounded extreme and challenged our seemingly safe and comfortable life. “Asia,” we kept hearing.

I write to you today from Chiang Mai, Thailand. We took the leap and are still listening, nourished by the heart-centered path from which our work can flow with integrity and authenticity, committing to living the life of our dreams.

I don’t know what your dreams are. And I don’t care what your business is. But I ask you, are youWalking Your Talk walking your talk?

Just look: What dreams have you sold out? Where are you not letting in the support you deserve? Are you condemning the circumstances around you? Or are bringing your full self to the table?

And could you, just could you, right now, take that action you’ve been resisting? Call it Divine guidance, call it intuition, call it “the thing you know to do.” You know you’ve been hearing it. And resisting it.

I recently gave up being brave. I noticed I had been “brave” since I was a little girl. It’s been exhausting. To me, bravery was fraught with tension, holding a “stiff upper lip,” and more. Instead, I choose to embrace courage (Latin, from the heart.) This is scarier; this requires me to listen and to trust. This demands that I walk my talk.

And as I do that, I get the benefit – right NOW – of living my dream. And you can, too.

Take heart. Be courageous. Walk your talk.

May the miracle that is YOU shine clear and bright in the world.

Remembrance, by Gaile Burchill and Kenton David BellGaile Burchill is a Master Clearing Coach, the developer of the proprietary coaching system, Clearing for Miracles and, with her husband, Kenton David Bell, recently published her first book, Remembrance: The Keys to Creating and Experiencing Heaven on Earth (available at http://www.clearingformiracles.com.) Her life-long passion is that people know themselves as the magnificent, worthy, lovable beings that they are. And knowing that, they take on living the most beautiful, creative, fulfilling lives they could possibly imagine.

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