Word of Mouth May 5, 2011 – How It All Works

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth – May 5, 2011

How It All Works

Our theme for May is how it all works. We put all the pieces together to create a seamless branding and marketing effort for you. What perfect storm of ideas, creativity, collaboration and tools must occur so that our clients’ success stories come together?

Start with Outcomes

At Hamptons Creative Group, it all starts with understanding what our final outcome needs to be.
Those are the long-term goals our customers have. Sometimes they don’t exactly tell us, or they aren’t even sure themselves. We tease it out of them with our questions.

All businesses want more customers, sure, but that’s not a goal. That’s a tactic to reach the goal. What they really want is security for themselves and their families – financial and emotional stability and well being. Security comes from the knowledge that the machine that is their business is functioning smoothly now and will continue to do so in the future.

We started at the beginning with those pesky goals, too. That’s why we begin our work with clients with our exclusive Goal Focus Sheet. With this powerful tool, clients finally turn their marketing machine into a smoothly running juggernaut.

If your ultimate end is still unclear, don’t let any more time go by. The Goal Focus Sheet is the step you can take today to clarify it and set yourself on the path to success. And that’s how it all works.


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