Word of Mouth – May 19, 2011 The Summer Season

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Word of Mouth – May 19, 2011

The Summer Season

How does it work for the Hamptons? This coming weekend is huge for the folks who live and work in the Hamptons because it marks the beginning of the summer season. Our sedate villages will morph overnight into bustling, lively hubs of activity.

Every shopkeeper, restaurateur and delivery driver will be hair-on-fire busy. Because the weekend BEFORE Memorial Day Weekend is when Realtors, rental agents and landlords in the area run around opening houses, cottages, bungalows and barely habitable huts for the influx of summer residents, weekenders and tourists.

And we love it!

During the busy season here, Hamptons’ business owners gear up and staff up – making hay while the sun shines and the beaches beckon.

Do you know when your ideal time or season is for those looking for your products or services? Do you notice a spike or dip on certain days or during particular months?

Being ever aware of when things move around you can help you plan special offers, trigger price increases and bring in additional help.

The Cycle in Your Business

Keeping up with the pulse and rhythm of your industry can be easier when you have long term goals. That’s where Hamptons Creative Group can help. Our Goal Focus Sheet focuses you on the big picture of your brand – where and when your customers buy, how they learn about you and what they need to know in order to say “YES.”

Have you put all the pieces together yet? 

Plan on Learning More

Hamptons Creative Group is presenting “Making Social Media Digestible” at the North Fork Chamber of Commerce Early Bird Marketing Breakfast on June 2nd. Please plan to join us!

Find full details and reserve space for you and members of your business here.

–Technical Changes & How They Affect You–
We are upgrading our email delivery system to better serve all our clients, fans, and followers. On  Tuesday, May 24th, you may receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription to Hamptons Creative Group. Simply click on the the link included in that email. 

Thank you for reading Word of Mouth, Creative Thought Matters, and Potion for Success — all published by Hamptons Creative Group. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


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