Word of Mouth June 2, 2011 – Making It Digestible

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth – June 2, 2011

Making it Digestible

Today (in just two short hours, really) Hamptons Creative Group will present a discussion on “Making Social Media Digestible” at the North Fork Chamber of Commerce Early Bird Marketing Breakfast, held at the Southold Town Recreation Center. We know we’ll see some of you there – so thanks in advance for coming!

The focus of our talk, as you might imagine from the title, will be to take our knife and fork to the plateful of hoopla surrounding social media marketing. We carved it into reasonable, easy to manage portions that won’t give you heartburn. A key point of the presentation is to remind our audience that not everything on the marketing menu, specifically the social media marketing section, agrees with everyone’s constitution.

The idea is to focus on the choices that are important to your customers – where they are in the social media universe. If your customers are on Twitter – then tweet. If they’re Facebookers, then get that page up and running. If you’re a professional service, then LinkedIn might be the place to connect.

Ultimately, a great social media plan starts first by focusing. Ask yourself what ingredients (resources like people, technology, and desire) are at your disposal, and what your finished recipe looks like (where you’d like to be in the future). With the Hamptons Creative Group Goal Focus Sheet, you’ll be taking the first step in creating a great dish by putting your priorities in order.

We know taking the first step can be difficult – the menu’s overwhelming with appetizers, entrees and dessert that all looks tantalizing! So we’ll provide a smell and taste test (aka marketing review and strategic recommendation) with your completed Goal Focus Sheet.

All it takes is a desire to whip up a tasty recipe for success and the next 11 minutes of your day.

Complete the no obligation Goal Focus Sheet here. We look forward to creating a recipe for success by making the process indigestion proof!


Hamptons Creative Group


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