June 2011 Newsletter – Creative Thought Matters

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Creative Thought Matters - the Monthly Newsletter from Hamptons Creative Group

June 2011 Newsletter – Creative Thought Matters

Message from the Alchemist


What if we could make one section of your marketing effort – social media – digestible? We asked that question at a recent presentation. We broke the social media menu into reasonable portions, and reminded our audience that not everything the menu lists is going to agree with them.


Last month, we heard a similar message from those who completed our Goal Focus Sheet. There are so many choices on the marketing menu that it’s overwhelming to know where to begin, or which ones pair well with others. We reminded them that all tools don’t work for all businesses. They began to understand that you don’t have to do it all. The connection happened when we made the pieces digestible.


Get your Potion for Success starting with our Goal Focus SheetBoth groups discovered that digesting social media is easier than they thought, especially when they see how carefully Hamptons Creative Group plans the menu that’s right for them. Instead of an infinite array of choices, we present them with a menu designed for maximum social media nutrition.


With Hamptons Creative Group, clients don’t have to go to different parts of the menu to build a social media marketing meal. We blend it all together as a whole.


Heard Around the Cooler

There’s a new conversation on the Hamptons Water Cooler: Social Media and the Summer. Are you hiring summer interns to run your social media? What’s the benefit? How are they being supervised? What are your plans for when they go back to school?

Get in on the conversation. The Hamptons Water Cooler is the place to do it!

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  Message from the Alchemist
  Around the Cooler
  Beach Booty

  Success Stories

  On the Horizon



Hamptons Creative Group is hosting a special webinar series called “Conversations with the Experts.” We’re bringing together business leaders from multiple industries and talking about their best kept secrets for success.

Some of our topics will include SEO improvement, small business leadership, and converting leads to customers. Look for more information on this webinar series shorty.


Read the May 2011 Newsletter

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Beach Booty: Tips from Hamptons Creative Group


Pack your metaphorical bags. Business happens everywhere, so don’t limit yourself to one location or even one country. Most successful professionals will tell you that opening yourself to customers beyond your local area is the way to build their brand.

Need help choosing how to market your business beyond your local area (social media, websites, etc.)? Let Hamptons Creative Group make brand success digestible for you.

Success Stories


This month’s success story is Lindsey Kane. Lindsey’s company, Par Excellence Strategies, came away from our marketing makeover with a foundation for relaunching her business working with professionals and others who are serious about improving their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Lindsey Kane works with Hamptons Creative GroupWe’ve built a web and social media marketing plan that includes branding materials, business cards, and a strategy to move her into the coaching realm from the bricks and mortar realm she had been in. Lindsey’s well known for her past ownership of a popular metaphysical bookstore. Her new tools move her into her new focus.

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On the Horizon


We’ve transformed several aspects of our website which are now live. Check it out and send us your feedback.


A great plan starts by focusing on what’s important to your customers, what resources are at your disposal, and where you’d like to be in the future. With the Goal Focus Sheet provided to you by Hamptons Creative Group, you’ll be taking the first step in creating a great plan. Complete your Goal Focus Sheet today.


So, what’s on your horizon? Let us know your challenges and we’ll help you make the changes toward your own success story.
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Hamptons Creative Group’s presentation, Making Social Media Digestible, is available on SlideShare. Learn how all the menu items in social media marketing can be combined for a tasty, nutritious and easy to implement marketing strategy.


Did you hear Linda on BlogTalkRadio.com? If you missed it, then listen to her conversation about attracting your ideal client now.

Catch the latest Solopreneur Solutions Magazine for our full page spread. Special thanks to Donna Amos (founder of the magazine) for her generosity. Our page runs through the end of the summer. With a circulation of more than 7200, this is excellent opportunity for new businesses to take advantage of our unique branding alchemy.

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Hamptons Creative Group Blog


You did learn how it all works? Read about how sharing information can create amazing connections? You did if you read Word of Mouth. Each week, we’re keeping the conversation flowing and staying connected with the things, people, places and happenings that spark our creativity. Stay connected.
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