Word of Mouth June 9, 2011 – Then and Now

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth – June 9, 2011

Then and Now

Over Memorial Day Weekend, Linda went up to the Woodstock New Paltz Arts & Crafts Fair. Here are her thoughts about then and now.

In 1969, I was in the wedding of a dear friend, and missed the big event in Woodstock. We still joke that if we had known what a cultural phenomenon that weekend would be, no one would have come to her wedding. Not even her!

More than 40 years later, the spirit of the 1960s lingered. There were vendors selling spices and oils and all kinds of granola handicrafts – including granola. Believe it or not, the first people I approached at the fair were from the Hamptons! I saw the name on a vendor’s chef’s jacket, and realized that he was my friend on Facebook.

My experience confirmed that I’m still talking to people who were relevant to me 40 years ago, just doing it differently.

There was no Facebook, no cell phones, and no Internet when Woodstock happened in 1969. There were computers, but the idea that today we’d have handheld telephones that could do more than a room-sized machine could, was inconceivable. Look how far we’ve come.

When I started Hamptons Creative Group, I noticed that businesses, especially small businesses, weren’t using social media effectively – if at all. And while it has become more and more prolific and the number of “experts” has arisen even more so, it’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. Some businesses have no social media involvement at all, but might be curious how to get started. Others are tech-geeks that have become very good at using it in their personal lives.

Whatever your skill level, be assured that social media is important for your business. If you put using social media off any longer, or delay making improvements to what you’ve got, if you think you’ll just wait until after the summer calms down, or wait until “the next big thing” arrives, you’re going to miss the boat. And along with that, you’re going to miss out on spending customers, today, tomorrow, and even years from now.

I’ve seen how Hamptons Creative Group’s social media efforts from months ago prompt sales calls today, how relationships are formed in a virtual environment, and why this phenomena, this distinct era in commerce, is reshaping what it means to be a business.

We’ve help so many business go from “then” to “now” and it all started with completing the no obligation Goal Focus Sheet here.



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