Special Tuesday Version of Word of Mouth – July 12, 2011 – Marketing “101”

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Special Tuesday Post – Word of Mouth – July 12, 2011

Marketing “101”

This is our 101st post! That’s 101 posts of more than just filler. We like to think about our message, its meaning, and how our readers can use it.
It’s strange how producing less can take more time. Producing less doesn’t mean less effort. It means better quality, more editing, extra testing, and improved results.
We not only see this in the work that we do, but literally on the street outside our office. Several weeks ago, we shared that the TV show Royal Pains was filming on the sidewalk directly below our second floor office. The whole thing took nearly two days. We watched rehearsals, and take after take of the same scene. It’s clear the director and the actors wanted it to come out right.
After all those hours of repeating the same few lines, walking in the same places, giving the same expressions, what did the final product look like? Well, about two minutes of TV following the opening credits. Watch it right here on Hulu for free. (But be sure to come back and read the rest of this post!)
Watch Royal Pains, filmed just outside our office window.
That’s it! The first two minutes of the show took two days and a crew of 60 people plus extras to complete. Producing less does take more time because we instinctually want things to be perfect.

We want the same thing in marketing as well. Often a marketing message can seem simple, or even pithy. But it’s usually the result of a lot of time and effort. In fact, being concise is time consuming, especially if you do not set it as a goal.
And where’s the biggest area that business owners tend to run on and on? Conversations.Register for Conversations with the Experts at hamptonscreative.com Conversations are powerful experiences that you should be using to convert prospects into clients. By working to perfect your conversations, you’ll have more meaningful interactions – even if they only last two minutes.
So, how do you get started? Join us on our webinar series aptly titled “Conversations with the Experts” to hear from three business marketing and communications experts. The webinars are downloadable so even if you can’t make the live session you will have access to all the advice, tips, and best practices these experts will share.
Register here and we look forward to celebrating your hard work.


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