Word of Mouth July 28, 2011 – Guest Blogger Christine Aylward of Charly’s Web

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Word of Mouth – July 28, 2011

Guest Blogger Christine Aylward

This month’s guest blogger is Christine Aylward of Charley’s Web. Charly’s Web is a children’s clothier specializing in high quality, unique children’s items. All items are handmade and custom designed for the customer. What makes Christine’s success story so amazing (and practical) is that she isn’t focused on the technical social media side of her business. Rather, Charley’s Web is foremost about the (satisfied) experience of the customer.


Baby Jaime Photography - Charly's Web clothing

As a former teacher, busy mother-of-three, and stay at home Mom, I felt guilty for not bringing home a paycheck. I am extremely grateful to my husband Matt for providing for our family, but disliked buying his birthday and Father’s Day gifts with his money.

I wondered what could I do?

In May 2010, I put pictures on Facebook of pillowcase dresses that I made for my daughter. Friends asked to buy them almost immediately! Just like that, I had started my own business, and called it Charly’s Web after my daughter. 

One year later, I expanded Charly’s Web beyond pillowcase dresses by offering a variety of handmade dresses, custom embroidered clothes, unique and creative baby gifts, and the favorite of famous and modern mothers alike, bandana blankets and bandana bibs. 

I operate my business the old fashioned way while in the modern arena of Facebook, which allows me to keep overhead costs down and prices low. Carissa Donarummo Photography - Charly's Web clothing

Customer service is paramount. I want the customer to feel welcome and involved. When ordering through Charly’s Web, you are dealing directly with me every step of the way. I help each person customize their unique items and specifically tailor those items to guarantee they get exactly what they want. This customer-first interaction creates a unique garment that will be cherished.

Being driven and focusing on customers’ preferences are still the standard fabric for making a successful business. But using Facebook as a store front connects my business, my fans, and my customers in a way that was never possible just a few years ago. This combination has proven quite valuable, as Charly’s Web recently participated in its first photo shoot with the very talented pair Carissa Donarummo Photography and Baby Jaime Photography. 

What started as a simple Facebook page has enabled me to earn extra income for my family by doing something that I love. I am now able to take them out to the Hamptons each Father’s Day weekend to show how much I appreciate them, thanks to Charly’s Web and my repeat customer base. It has given me the ability to feel valued in a way that only bringing home a paycheck can. 

If you would like to see Charly’s Web’s unique items in person and meet Christine, she will be at the Southampton Summer Fair and Festival on Sunday, July 31st. The Fair will be located on the Elk’s Club grounds on Montauk Highway from 10am-6pm in Southampton. In the meantime, visit Charly’s Web website and ‘like’ Charly’s Web on Facebook!



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  1. Congratulations Christine – you are doing great and everyone is very proud of you. Good luck at the fair on Sunday.

  2. What a great product and great story! Christine is truly talented!

  3. Christine you are so amazing! Congrats and wish I could be there in NY for the fair on Sunday!

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