September 2011 Newsletter – Creative Thought Matters

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Creative Thought Matters - the Monthly Newsletter from Hamptons Creative Group

September ’11 Newsletter – Creative Thought Matters

Message from the Alchemist

Celebrity sightings in the Hamptons this summer have come fast and furious, almost like the hurricane we’re all cleaning up after!

At the annual Authors Night to benefit the venerable East Hampton Library, some 160 writers crowded in with avid readers, including Hamptons Creative Group’s success story Ren Dodson and Hampton Dog creator Lisa Hartman.

We saw Robert Kline, Nelson DeMille, Martin Amis and benefit chair Alec Baldwin. We talked to two hot prospects, too, each hard-working authors with new books on the market.

Christie BrinkleyThen we got our workout in with Christie Brinkley at the Wellness Center at Southampton Hospital. This event, hosted by Danskin, raised money for Ellen’s Run. Ellen’s Run supports women and families who suffer from breast cancer.

Christie looked great in her Danskin wear and we got quite a workout!
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Heard Around the Cooler

Everyone’s talking about wind, rain and flooding from Irene. And the Hamptons Water Cooler is about to flood over its boundaries, expanding beyond being just an online networking platform! Watch for more news coming soon.

We can tell you this: membership in the Cooler will soon require dues. So dive in now! The Hamptons Water Cooler is the online place for networking in the Hamptons. Join and interact.
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  Message from the Alchemist
  Around the Cooler
  Beach Booty

  Success Stories

  On the Horizon



It’s Tumble Weed Tuesday! The day after Labor Day, the Hamptons returns to off-season mode. But the fun of the summer isn’t over! There are still plenty of events that will take us right into fall. Sounds like a great blog post…

Because Hamptons Creative Group works with a planet-wide network of people, we thought it would be a great idea bring the team together as one in a virtual summit. You never know what great ideas will come from that! So, be on the lookout for something new from us soon! 


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Beach Booty: Tips from Hamptons Creative Group


Follow up fast. The best time to follow up with someone you meet at a networking function, charity event or even standing in line for a latte, is directly after meeting them, while you’re still fresh in his or her mind. Never forget that networking is about building and maintaining relationships. You can go out and meet dozens of people, but what’s the point if you never keep in touch with them? Take the initiative and make the first move.
Struggling with using social media like LinkedIn to follow up? Let Hamptons Creative Group help you figure out how to use online networking tools to expand your brand influence.
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Success Stories

This month’s success story is small business. Getting through both an earthquake and a hurricane recently, it’s a testament to those who plan ahead for the expected and unexpected. While no one foresaw the earthquake (though we all felt it) everyone seemed to have a plan for the hurricane. And while the effects were far reaching and quite serious in many cases, there’s no doubt that because of such extensive planning the worst was avoided.

As we spoke with our clients following the storm, it was clear that there were a many great things still on their minds. After some careful questions and some encouragement, we were able to help them regain focus and start planning once again. Marketing is a continuous process, so it’s ok to look for help from an outside group. You never know what great things you’ll uncover about yourself, your goals, and your success.
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On the Horizon

What do you keep in your marketing backpack? A web plan? A branding guide? Communications coaching?

What you need to have in your marketing backpack is a Marketing Makeover Ultimate binder. Built just for you by Hamptons Creative Group, the Marketing Makeover Ultimate is the tool you need to ace business growth.

Let everyone else go “back to school” this season. All you need for success is a Marketing Makeover Ultimate. Be one of the first 50 applicants in September and you’ll receive a $550 credit toward your Marketing Makeover Ultimate. That’s just another way for you to be ahead of the class. Click here to start now.
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Hamptons Creative Group reaches further than you might think! We’ve used some interesting marketing techniques for clients recently. These included site-specific PPC campaigns that focus on qualified potential customers. We set target parameters and budgets to maximize ROI.

Another great tool we’ve deployed is QR code stamping. These useful icons enable viewers to get specific information on to their cell phones, whether it be special offers, directions, or an application.

Have questions about what Hamptons Creative Group can concoct for you? Don’t be shy, just ask!
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Hamptons Creative Group Blog

Do you know how to get the electricity flowing between you and your prospective customers? You did if you read Word of Mouth. Each week, we’re keeping the conversation flowing and staying connected with the things, people, places and happenings that spark our creativity. Stay connected.
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