Word of Mouth – September 8, 2011 – Post Labor Day Planning

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Word of Mouth – September 8, 2011

Post Labor Day Planning

Labor Day weekend signals the end of the summer season here in the Hamptons. In fact, we call the day after Labor Day Tumbleweed Tuesday because the streets and beaches seem empty enough to allow the wind to whistle through without obstacle.

But our villages, hamlets and towns do a great job of extending the season well into November.
For example, SeptemberFest on 9/24 is an all day and into the evening celebration of everything that we love about Southampton – arts, food, movies, books, music and theater.

Organized by leading civic, cultural and business groups, Southampton SeptemberFest offers residents and visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy Southampton’s rich cultural heritage and its close connection to agriculture and the sea during one of the most beautiful times of year.

Then, October 13-17 sees the Hamptons International Film Festival, now in its 19th year. This Festival attracts roughly 18,000 visitors to screen 100 films from some 20 countries. Celebrities, artists, filmmakers and cinephiles fill the streets, restaurants and shops at nearly height-of-the-season levels.
Visitors have discovered what we locals already knew: there are still plenty of things to do in our year round community where businesses can thrive at all times of year.
What are you doing to extend your season? Have you made plans to attract customers during what might be traditional down times in your sales cycle? Hamptons Creative Group’s Marketing Makeover Ultimate can help you smooth the peaks and valleys in your business by showing you how to get the right messages out via the right mediums.
It’s never too early to make plans. Sign up now.



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