November 2011 Newsletter – Creative Thought Matters

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Creative Thought Matters - the Monthly Newsletter from Hamptons Creative Group


November ’11 Newsletter Creative Thought Matters


Message from the Alchemist

Special thanks to Marie Guthrie of the Legacy Track for inviting Linda to the seminar put on by Suzanne Falter-Barns and Jeffrey Van Dyk in San Francisco last month. Marie recognized that Linda was a good fit for the program that teaches entrepreneurs how to connect their hearts to their business messages and goals.

As Marie says, “Linda has such a sensitivity to what people want and need. You can see these inner cravings and emotional connections in her work. She brings to life this spiritual connection in her business and with her clients. I invited her because I felt like she already instinctively knows how to do this, and that the experience would give her tools beyond all she’s dreamed of. This powerful process will attract like-minded businesses so her business will grow, too.”

This spiritual/soul based approach resonated with Linda immediately. As a result, she’s back with amazing new directions and transformations for Hamptons Creative Group, a result of the pages upon pages of notes and ideas she took there. Many of them are percolating in her Alchemist’s cauldron right now! So stay tuned for even more and better ways for Hamptons Creative Group to connect the heart and soul of its customers with their own businesses.
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Heard Around the Cooler

Welcome to the new members of the Hamptons Water Cooler! Good to see you all online before the expanded functions are active in the New Year (and the membership fee is implemented). Are you part of the conversation yet? If not, why not join now?

So get your membership now before the changes are made.
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  Message from the Alchemist
  Around the Cooler
  Beach Booty

  Success Stories

  On the Horizon



The final weekend in October is supposed to be a culmination of the fall – crisp air, freshly harvested apples and pumpkins, and maybe just a sweater. Not this year!

We were either tricked or treated into a nor’easter that brought snow, howling winds, and dangerous conditions. Many people were without power and had to go on a scramble for gloves, coats, and hats.

These surprises happen in business, too. A marketing partnership can help you weather any storm.


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Beach Booty: Tips from Hamptons Creative Group


What is one small step you could take to move you forward and begin adding more authenticity to your business today? It’s important to stop occasionally and reflect, check in with your goals, assess your values and skill set, and evaluate them against your brand and marketing materials (business card, social network profiles, etc.).

If you’re not sure how to assess your business yourself, ask us how Hamptons Creative Group can help you co-create your business so that it flows from your authentic self. That one small step can be much bigger thank you think!
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Success Stories

Our success story this month is everyone who didn’t wait! Last month’s announcement about bundled service packages drew interest from near and far – and those that jumped in early got advance access! (Hey, all you had to do was ask!)

The most popular bundle we’ve provided “under the radar” so far is our comprehensive “Social Presence” bundle. This opportunity for businesses to get noticed across the entire spectrum of social media platforms is the best option for business ready to embrace the full megillah of social media. Our “Start-Up” bundle for new businesses pair essential social media tools with traditional marketing elements to get in front of those important first customers. And our “Strategy Bundle” is for those who want a sounding board for their ideas, concepts, inklings, or conundrums, perfect for the business that wants fresh eyes and ears on their brand and marketing efforts.

Hamptons Creative Group offers the Strategy Bundle as a flexible alternative to the more comprehensive, long-term Marketing Partnership. We’re not going to name any names of the early recipient of our bundle benefits, but maybe your name will be right here soon!
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On the Horizon


Hamptons Creative Group is your co-creator in success. You need professional strategists to hear your story and help tell it in a way that resonates with your customers. We explore and identify opportunities, then guide you through them step by step. We call this a Marketing Partnership. You will enjoy comprehensive marketing project management, strategy sessions, and preferred production pricing, in addition to full time marketing and branding guidance. It’s just what you need to propel your business to success. Click here to start now.
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Hamptons Creative Group’s a high-flying bunch November 10-16. Our multi-city, week-long tour includes reunions and business in LA, San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Tucson. Will you be there, too? Want to get together? Tweet us at @HamptonsCG to meet up with Mission Controller Matthew, and Linda, the Alchemist herself.
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Hamptons Creative Group Blog

Did you see the final four tips for marketing on a shoestring budget? You did if you read Word of Mouth. Each week, we’re keeping the conversation flowing and staying connected with the things, people, places and happenings that spark our creativity. Stay connected.
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