Word of Mouth Daily – November 9, 2011 – How is that Possible?

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Word of Mouth Daily – November 9, 2011

How is that Possible?

While enjoying last Friday’s “Art of the Brew” business networking event sponsored by the Business Council of the Parrish Art Museum, I was gratified to make so many new connections. Excited to announce our multi-city tour that starts later this week, many reactions were: “Really? How is that possible?”

This seemed like a surprising reaction. But that’s what makes it a good question to answer. How does a business with a flagship office in Southampton, New York do work while “on the road?”

This first part of the answer is planning ahead. We’re not packing and leaving in the middle of the night on a whim. Our routes have been carefully chosen, destinations researched, local contacts confirmed and briefed, and — yes — backup plans laid out. Our “check-in” schedule is updated on our phone calendars and our laptop batteries, GPS’s, car chargers, and iPads are securely in our carry-ons.

The second part of the answer is producing ahead. Producing ahead means creating content, answers, and value for ourselves and clients before we leave. We then put these things on “auto-publish” so they go out on the right day and time, even if we’re in a meeting with collaborators in Los Angeles, prospects in Tucson, or mentors in Denver. Technology is always our virtual assistant. It’s not a substitute for creativity, but a means for reaching the right audience any time, any where. And that’s what being planet-wide is all about.

The final part of the answer is offering unique alternatives for keeping in touch. We’ll be tweeting and hope you’ll mention us and DM us while we’re on the road. Also, share what your know about the places we’ll be. Have a neat landmark we should see in Minneapolis? Know a great restaurant is Salt Lake City? Want to meet over coffee in Phoenix? Tweet us at @MatthewIscoe or @LindaMillerZell. You see, the best part of a road trip is taking others along for the journey.

If you want to learn how to experience the freedom of a business road show and can’t quite get the concept, we can help. Just ask, and Hamptons Creative Group will help you explore your options.


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