Word of Mouth Daily – November 15, 2011 – $200 Million in Cheese?

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Word of Mouth Daily – November 15, 2011

$200 Million in Cheese?

Who could afford to shell out $200 million for cheese? The U.S. Government, of course. The cheese we’re talking about here isn’t actual dairy. We’re talking about an international marketing message aimed at attracting international visitors to the country.

Congress put together the Corporation for Travel Promotion, whose first smart move was to rename itself Brand USA. The group is taking to the web with social media, blogging, and a rich website. Visitation to the U.S. declined starting in 2009, and the $200 million in funding is meant to help re-spark interest.

Preliminary messages from Brand USA are, well, cheesy. At least according to some business news sources, one of which remarked Brand USA’s message “sounds too much like a father trying to be ‘hip’ to connect with his teenage kids.”

Read more about this effort here.

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