Word of Mouth Daily – November 22, 2011 – Google+ Pages Redux

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Word of Mouth Daily – November 22, 2011

Google+ Pages Redux

It’s a little weird to call something a redux when it hasn’t been around for more than a few months. But, as we tweeted a few weeks ago, Google+ now has pages for business. This option totally changes what Google+ can do, and who would be interested in using it.

Here are seven points that make Google+ pages interesting:

  1. Google+ pages do not provide notifications, not even in the Google bar. On Facebook, you receive notifications via email, text, and the header bar.
  2. Google+ pages can’t “+1” other pages or web content where as Facebook pages retain the “like” feature.
  3. Different types of groups, businesses, and organizations can have Google+ pages. Profiles are meant for individual persons. This is very similar to Facebook.
  4. An individual must add a Google+ page to his or her Circle before the page can add that individual.
  5. Google+ pages automatically unfollow those who unfollow the page.
  6. There is no administrative sharing of Google+ pages. This seems like a major flaw.
  7. Google+ pages have yet to reach their potential and are sure to undergo changes and upgrades over the next several months.

Curious about a Google+ page for you business? Talk to us first and Hamptons Creative Group will be there for you. Also, see that red g+ button below? Give it a click and add us to your circle.


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