Word of Mouth Daily – November 23, 2011 – Thanking Your Customers

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Word of Mouth Daily – November 22, 2011

Thanking Your Customers

Businesses thank their customers in many ways. Customers aren’t that grateful though, right? It’s ok. Many are, but you might not be listening for their “thank you’s.”

Some businesses that we’ve spoken with are fearful of social media because of the potentially ungracious comments that customers might share. This head-in-the-sand outlook isn’t helping much when it comes to accepting positive comments. But let’s put the virtual world aside for a moment and look at a physical act of gratitude.

One local business offers a “local worker” discount. This is a special card that, when shown at the register, entitles the bearer to a discount. It’s almost a super secret club for Hamptons locals. Those with the card hesitate to go to competitors. So, the discount card is the business saying “thank you.” How do customers respond?

According to the owner, repeat business is way up. The message: customers are grateful that they have a place that makes them feel special, so they keep coming back. It makes sense; in an area with a typical target market being those that DON’T live and work here, it’s the ultimate membership.

All it takes is a little wallet-sized card.

What are you doing to thank customers for their business? If nothing, ask us and Hamptons Creative Group will share some ideas with you.


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