Word of Mouth Daily – November 28, 2011 – Facebook Proves Linda was Right!

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Word of Mouth Daily – November 28, 2011

Facebook Proves Linda was Right!

Linda, our CEO and Chief Brand Alchemist, has a saying: “There are only four people in the world.” She means that we’re all connected and serve a role in each other’s lives. Linda should know. Afterall, her natural strength is making connections.

But only four people? That seems like too few.

Well, leave it to Facebook to prove Linda correct. The Facebook Data Team posted a note on Facebook last week describing the results of two studies done in conjunction with the Università degli Studi di Milano. And the conclusion? According to their findings:

We found that six degrees actually overstates the number of links between typical pairs of users: While 99.6% of all pairs of users are connected by paths with 5 degrees (6 hops), 92% are connected by only four degrees (5 hops).

Image how this works for your business. You are 4 degrees away from making any connection you need. Read the full Facebook note here.

Intrigued by the power you wield? Talk to us about it and Hamptons Creative Group will start you off on making the right connections.


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