Word of Mouth Daily – November 30, 2011 – Co-Creativeship Keeps You Moving

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth Daily – November 30, 2011

Co-Creativeship Keeps You Moving

With the current economic conditions, it’s important to look at the numbers and not just the headlines. What are companies spending on marketing? Well, the median number of companies spend up to 10% of revenue on marketing. This means for every $10 taken in, $1 goes back to marketing. Of course, when you’re selling something new or rebranding, the amount is more like $4-$6 of every $10 — at least to start.

It’s important to think of these figures because they take away the excuse of “we’re in a bad economy” when it comes to your marketing budget. It’s a simple percentages game.

We’re experiencing a new societal factor that affects your marketing: the expectation of targeting. There are very few people in our society that are unaware of the collection of information on their behaviors from Facebook to credit cards to movie watching. We expect from this, in turn, offers that relate to our preferences. A message that appeals to the masses is now trite. Society wants a marketing message individualized for each member.

Today’s technology is just right to satisfy demands. Email marketing, mobile & SMS marketing, social media dashboards, web conferencing and video chat, and supporting measurement tools enable businesses to confidently budget for their marketing and satisfy societal demands. The usefulness of readily accessible technologies can actually shape how you craft your custom messages and scale your marketing dollars.

A co-creativeship with Hamptons Creative Group can help put these economic, social, and technological components together for your business. Sound like something you could use? Start here and Hamptons Creative Group will get you moving toward success.


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