Word of Mouth Daily – December 7, 2011 – Got a Book? Why Not?

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth Daily – December 7, 2011

Got a Book? Why Not?

Want to turn the crisp pages of your freshly printed new book? You may be the only one. Not because people don’t want to read your writing…in fact, readership is up! However, printed paper books are being replaced by digital.

Many aspiring writers are simply unsure how to proceed in the digital publishing landscape.

That’s where Hamptons Creative Group can help you. In addition to our experience helping traditionally published authors, we’ve also helped authors realise their written efforts in other ways.

Whether it be Kindle or Nook, iPad or Android tablet, Hamptons Creative Group can get your book in the most popular digital devices.

Don’t let the term “self-published” lull you into the false belief that the process is easy to do by yourself. There are a lot of steps: proofing, formating for digital devices, copyright protections, securing an ISBN, and, oh yeah, marketing.

Unsure about what to write? You may benefit from a strategy session with a member of our extended collaborative community of experts.

When it comes to creating your book, you have no excuses! And remember, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Hamptons Creative Group is here to help. Start here


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