February 2011 Newsletter

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~Message from the Alchemist~

At Hamptons Creative Group, we always want to keep the conversation flowing. So we’re inviting guest bloggers to contribute to Word of Mouth once a month on topics they and we find important. As members of a global creative community, we want to connect everyone – to share ideas about branding, messages and marketing! What better way to do that than by opening our blog up to other voices and ideas?

Meet The Team

These voices and ideas will include the important members of the Hamptons Creative Group team, too. In case you haven’t visited our renovated web site yet, we’ve listed many of our collaborative community. Watch Word of Mouth for our first guest blogger post, coming soon.

~Heard Around The Cooler~

Welcome to a revamped section of the newsletter! Here, we’ll spotlight new members of Hamptons Water Cooler,the first Hamptons only online social network where businesses connect and conversation flows!

Lou Bortone and Alex Ferrone  are our featured members this month.

Lou Bortone is a Branding Coach and Online Visibility Expert with over two decades of experience with national brands like Fox, E! Entertainment Television, The Family Channel and NBC. Hamptons Creative Group is working with Lou to dip our toes into the waters of video.

Alex Ferrone is a professional photographer specializing in aerial photography by helicopter. The results are an amazing marketing showcase for any commercial property, private estate, or residential home. She also does color and black & white representational scenics and
abstract photography.

Welcome Lou an d Alex! Join us on Hamptons Water Cooler as we gather ’round the cooler to share stories, promote events, post video and photos, chat, contribute tips, and build relationships. Stop by and give it a try!

~Beach Booty: Tips from Hamptons Creative Group~

Don’t wait until you need a network to build one. Networking is not something to do only when you need a new client or customer. It’s not something you can cram, buy or borrow the night before you need it, either. Networking must be a regular part of your life and activities. Just like friendships, the most authentic and meaningful professional relationships evolve naturally over time.

Need help finding places to network? Let Hamptons Creative Group suggest ways for you to connect – in person or online – to build your network.

~Success Stories~

This month, we celebrate Linda’s success in connecting Hampton Creative Group’s clients to their audiences! As part of this success, we’re proud to be creating the Facebook fan page for Peconic Public Broadcasting. This local NPR station needed help venturing online to connect with their community of listeners and followers. Linda has known Eclectic Café radio host Bonnie Grice and station manager Wally Smith for years. This community minded group does so much for the area, and Linda has supported the station for years. She even answered phones during last summer’s pledge drive.

So when Bonnie invited Linda to talk about her new book on the show last week, Linda was delighted to invite another local author, Ren Dodson, to join her. Bonnie highlighted Linda’s book and Hamptons Creative Group’s work to spread the word about Rens’ writing, too. Making connections between our vast network of collaborative friends and community – it’s what Hamptons Creative Group is all about.

You’ll recall from our last newsletter that Hamptons Creative Group was offering Marketing Makeovers to help businesses make a splash in 2011. We started delivering those Marketing Makeovers in January to eager and excited clients looking to benefit from a customized blueprint or success.

While the Marketing Makeovers do arrive in beautiful blue binders, clients also receive a one-on-one session with Hamptons Creative Group to discuss their binder’s contents, including the calendars, research, and measurement tools. Here’s what one Marketing Makeover client had to say:

“I got a Marketing Makeover from Hamptons Creative Group and I’m thrilled to be working with them to punch up my brand. The makeover gave me concrete ideas and ways to get my name out to my ideal clients, to position myself as an expert in intellectual property, trademark and copyright law, and to enter the world of online webinars. I’m excited about the new possibilities.”
Kathryn Dalli, Attorney at Law, Partner at Twomey, Latham, Shea, Kelley, Dubin & Quartararo, LLP

What do Peconic Public Broadcasting and all of our Marketing Makeover
recipients have in common?
They’re building their Brand Buzz. Are you looking to build your brand, or to take it to the next level? Visit our web site to sign up for our complimentary eguide, “4 Proven Keys to Building Your Brand’s Buzz.”

~Hamptons Creative Group Blog~

Follow our blog, Word of Mouth, for Road Trip February. Each week, we’re keeping the conversation driving ahead, sneaking peeks into the rear view mirror, and staying connected with the things, people, places
and happenings that intrigue us. Are you part of the conversation?


Hamptons Creative Group

Word of Mouth Jan 6, 2011 – Digital Trends for 2011

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Hamptons Creative Group Logo

Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2011
We at Hamptons Creative Group don’t claim to be the complete experts on electronic marketing, but we do know quite a lot, including some important things that will happen in the digital landscape in 2011. And we know that these trends will have a big impact on our business and yours in the coming year. Here’s a recap of a great article we found examining these trends, and some ideas to capitalize on them.

1- Costs-Per-Click Rising

As dollars continue to flood into online marketing, cost per click is becoming more expensive. The way to lower costs? Testing and optimizing both by marketers and keyword software. Conversion from click to purchase is the goal.

2- Mobile & Social Platforms Dominate

Ever-increasing mobile and social platform users (that’s you, Mr. Smartphone and you Miss Facebook), translates to marketing on many more sites, in more formats and more contexts. As this shift occurs, marketers need to build a diverse customer base NOW. Look past your own website toward investments in Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and even sites like Groupon or Google Places.

3. Google Gets Social, Facebook Gets Serious

Google’s search rankings will begin to respond to feedback, not just hits, allowing users to rate search results or even websites, and have user “likes” factored into ranking algorithms. And at the same time, Facebook wiGoogle Analyticsll get more serious by extend its ads beyond Facebook to participating non-Facebook sites. What does this mean? A di rect targeting of messages based on demographic and placement characteristics, offering the first true challenge to Google.

4. Come Back, Little Sheba

What is the value of getting back someone you already acquired? In 2011, look for this question to be answered. “Remarketing” tools will become better at telling marketers the true cost-of-acquisition. Watch for better Google Analytics metrics and for other remarketing vendors to get into the act.

So How Do You Leverage These Trends? 1.Plan for an increasingly competitive marketplace. Consumers are always looking for a better deal, so focus on the basics: message testing, landing page optimization and high rankings in search engines.

2.Use Bing, too. Bing’s an up and comer. Use it like you would Google.

3. Go mobile. Start testing mobile as a way to reach people. Scan Me with Your Smart Phone -QR 2D Code

4.Put your eggs in many baskets. Using Facebook ads? Try other social networking sites like Groupon,Foursquare and Google Places, too.

Don’t know where to start in marketing your message or how to take advantage of 2011’s trends? Our Marketing Makeover provides you with a customized blueprint to stay on top of it all. Already have a plan, but want help from the pros to execute it? Hamptons Creative Group gets your message to the places and people you want it to – your ideal customers, wherever they are, planetwide.



Click here to start reading now.

Hamptons Creative Group


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Umbrella Rides The Wind

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Hip Young Woman

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Young Man In The City

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