Newsletter -July 2010

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Newsletter – July 2010

~ Heard Around The Cooler ~

We’re all abuzz about the Parrish Art Museum evening at Bedell Cellars two weeks ago! It was a huge success – from the spectacular silent auction to benefit the Museum, the delicious food and wonderful wine. The Parrish Art Museum staff worked so hard to create another fantastic event – and it was hugely successful.

The amazing turnout on a hot summer night meant we talked and drank and ate and talked some more. In fact, Linda was constantly approached by people saying, “I love what you’re doing with social media. I follow you on _____ network.” We were able to converse without effort because social media had already made the introduction.

That’s why we love social media – it’s really an enhancement to our in-person networking. We talk about the things we care about, whether that’s business, art, fundraisers, or events here in the Hamptons. And we can advocate for important issues around the country and the world (see the Announcements section, below).

Social media is increasingly how we find out what’s going on at home and elsewhere. Thanks for continuing to connect!

Hamptons Water Cooler

~ Hamptons Water Cooler ~

What have you heard around the cooler? Let us know on Hamptons Water Cooler, the first Hamptons-only online social network where businesses connect and conversation flows! Gather ‘round the cooler to share your stories, promote events, post video and photos, chat, contribute tips, and build relationships.

Join us at the Hamptons Water Cooler as we talk about what’s going on this weekend, the rest of the summer and beyond. We’re there! Are you? (

~ Beach Booty: Tips from Hamptons Creative Group ~

Introduce yourself confidently, concisely and with panache! When you’re clear on what your brand is and the great stories behind it, you’ll be comfortable introducing it.

What if you’re not clear? As the brand alchemists, we can conjure visibility, credibility and a marketing campaign for you. You’ll be awash in great ideas for ensuring your messages are heard, seen and experienced loud and clear by the right audience.

~ Success Stories~

A Stitch in the Hamptons

Stitch logo Empty storefronts are filling here in the Hamptons – tangible signs that the economy is turning around. One of these new storefronts is Stitch, a wonderful retail business concept from the Dios family, Rose and her daughters Ana and Gloria. 

Stitch Custom Fashion Design & Expert Tailoring offers ready-to-wear pieces inspired by the Dios favorites. Stitch is the also where the client collaborates in the design. We’ve all had blouses, pants, skirts or jackets that we loved so much they wore out, or wish we had in a different size, color, or fabric. When you bring in your favorite garment to Stitch’s expert seamstresses, they replicate them! Or they’ll help you create a design of your own from over 100 different fabrics.

Stop by for style advice, too (Linda’s a stylist/consultant on Stitch’s marketing board) or browse online. The internet’s an amazing resource -just ask Linda’s mom, who once asked her for the 800 number for the internet!

~ Announcements ~

27 Hampton Salon

Congrats to Bianka Lefferts on the grand opening of 27 Hampton, her full service salon! Recognizing the demand of Hamptons residents for exceptional quality and service, 27 Hampton’s expert styling features a relaxing, eco-chic environment using many organic and sustainably sourced products. All proceeds went to benefit the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster victims – one way Bianka and 27 Hampton encouraged everyone to give back to their community and the world. The potential loss of this vital part of our country is especially tragic because it happened in service of the unsustainable pursuit of oil drilling.

Linda Miller Zellner 

Linda Miller Zellner

Intrepid Creative Director & CEO

The Power of Purpose

Linda’s chapter in Kelly K. O’Neil’s book, The Power of Purpose, is on the presses! We’ll make a special “we interrupt this broadcast” announcement when the book’s available.

~ Hamptons Creative Group Blog ~

Are you reading our blog? Every week we’re talking about building brands, social media, networking and other topics we’re passionate about. Keep the flow going by adding your own thoughts.


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