Newsletter- January 2011

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Newsletter January 2011

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Newsletter- January 2011

~ Heard Around The Cooler ~

Hamptons Creative is Planetwide!Welcome to the New Year! Linda’s goals for the New Year include meeting new people and making new connections, plus committing to being active in realizing the goals of Hamptons Creative Group’s customers – wherever they reside, planetwide!

Speaking of planetwide, Linda’s just returned from a road trip to Florida with good friend Roberta – delayed a few days for the snownami that hit the East Coast after Christmas. They stopped along the way to make some new connections with potential business affiliates. Because of the 2 day delay (darn snownami!) they didn’t get a chance to visit Advantage Media or see Nick and JD of Celebrity Branding along the way. That’s the company that published Linda’s best-selling book “Ignite Your Business. Transform Your World.”

The ladies drove Roberta’s car down so Roberta could spend the winter making accessories for the shoe line designed by Roberta’s friend and manufactured in Italy – Juno Shoe Girl.

Hamptons Creative connects with Juno Shoe Girl

This adorable collection of handmade fun and elegant sandals, with a resort emphasis, is handcrafted with high quality imported leathers and jewelry ornaments. Propelled by jet fuel laughter, they arrived in Jupiter at 5 p.m. New Year’s Eve, then blasted out the door minutes later dressed to celebrate with Juno Shoe Girl and friends. It just shows what a small planet this is – with success stories happening everywhere!

Planetwide Coziness
So what does being a planetwide creative group mean? We  have our computers, desks and a comfy couch in the office at 11 Main Street, Southampton, but operate virtually from various satellite locations. We source trends and concepts and talent from wherever they originate. We deliver solutions that are effective planetwide, and serve clients in far-flung destinations – Long Island, other states, other countries!

So here’s to 2011! What are your goals for the year?

~ Hamptons Water Cooler ~

Hamptons Water Cooler,
the first Hamptons-only online social network, is where businesses connect and conversation flows! Join us there as we gather ’round the cooler to share stories, promote events, post video and photos, chat, contribute tips, and build relationships. We’ll see you there!
Now you can share your Flicker Photos on Twitter and Facebook, right from your page in Hamptons Water Cooler...Stop by and give it a try!

~Beach Booty: Tips from Hamptons Creative Group~

Be curious. Read a magazine on a topic you know nothing about. Go to and wander aimlessly through websites you might never otherwise find. Take a different route home from work. Talk to the one person who seems the most different from you. New passions can arise in surprising places.

Need help showing up in places curious people go? Let Hamptons Creative Group develop messages and outlets that get you found by your ideal customers.

~Success Stories~

Linda herself is our success story this month! Her business and marketing book, “Ignite Your Business. Transform Your World” has already reached #1 in Amazon’s Direct Marketing category and best-seller status in the Entrepreneurship category. The book features top advice from entrepreneurs around the country on how to transform your world and your business by building a mission-driven sustainable business. Linda’s chapter is “Allow Wisdom And Intuition To Amplify Your Power.”

As a result of this successful release, Linda will also soon be inducted into The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best-seller lists. “Ignite Your Business. Transform Your World” is available here.


Marketing Makeovers Going Fast
Don’t worry — there’s still time to reboot your brand and marketing plan with your customized Marketing Makeover from Hamptons Creative Group. Due to the overwhelming popularity of our BRAND” New Marketing Makeover, we are extending our “present” pricing through the end of this week! CLICK HERE and Get Started Today!

Eco-Chic HCG Logoed Water Bottles!
Eco-chic is one of our watchwords for 2011. We love our new stainless-steel water bottles – complete with Hamptons Creative Group logo. These eco-friendly bottles are reusable, and NOT plastic! It’s our way of helping the planet survive a little longer.

On The Way To SEO
We’ve started discussions with an international SEO firm that often collaborates with much larger companies -we’re thrilled to have connected. And because we’re overhauling our own website, the timing is perfect for us to hone our Search Engine Optimization skills– for ourselves and our clients.

Lights Camera Action!
Linda’s creating a video testimonial for Celebrity Press, the company that published her best-selling book (see above), and coordinated the Best Seller’s Summit and Golden Quill Awards in December. She’s working with a recognized expert (can’t share those details quite yet) to stick our toe into the waters of videos and webinars.Watch for more info soon.

~Hamptons Creative Group Blog~

Did you hear about Linda’s plunge into the icy waters of the Peconic? Her name in lights in Times Square? The Mother of All Tag Sales? Each week, our blog  Word of Mouth is our way of keeping the conversation flowing. Stay connected with the things, people, places and happenings that intrigue us each week, and add your own thoughts. Are you part of the conversation?

Word of Mouth Dec 2, 2010 – Off to the Quills

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Hamptons Creative Group Logo

I’m An Author!Ignite Your Business. Transform Your World
Many of you know that I was involved with publishing for many years – my brother Jim and I owned Miller Publishing. Well over the last 6 months, I have been working on a book with some of the top conscious entrepreneurs from across the globe.

In the process of writing this book, we all agreed to reveal our top secrets that consistently allow us to grow ourselves and our businesses—even in the New Economy. It was tough to get some to agree, but the only way we were going to do this was if everyone was held to the same code: share the best secrets you’ve got. The result? Our new book, “Ignite Your Business, Transform Your World!” is coming out TODAY. The book is chock full of business building and transformation strategies from me and some of the leading experts in the world.

As you read this, I’m celebrating the book’s release at the Best-Seller’s Summit and Awards Ceremony in New York City. In a moment, I’ll have the honor of accepting my first ever Golden Quill Award for my contribution.

For two days, we’ll be hearing from amazing speakers like Lifetime Achievement Award winner Michael Gerber, the author of the international best-seller, The E-Myth. He’ll be talking to us about the new direction for entrepreneurs. Exciting!

More than 15 business, marketing and social media thought leaders will share the best of what they know to help us understand the future of business and new economy. We’re especially looking forward to hearing about the convergence of traditional and new media, and mobile marketing, since we’re diving right in to this intriguing new way to get our message out.

Thanks to Celebrity Press Publishing, we’ve also got a
book signing scheduled and interview session that will be caught entirely on film, so you know that I will be sharing that video with you in the future.

Since the festivities take place in the heart of the publishing district in Times Square, I will finally get to see my name in lights, literally! I know it sounds corny, but it’s a huge honor.
So wish me luck that I don’t trip over my high heels at the awards ceremony, and that my pens don’t run out of ink at the summit! I’ll have lots more to report, including what I learned from the speakers. And of course, I’ll share it all with you!

At Hamptons Creative Group, we use every tool in our tool kit to tell your success stories every day.


Click here to start reading now.

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