Word of Mouth Daily – December 5, 2011 – Are You Still Questioning Facebook?

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth Daily – December 5, 2011

Are You Still Questioning Facebook?

There are still some businesses that ask, “Why should I be on Facebook?” The answer is short and sweet, so we hope this helps.

Facebook, aside from being a way to interact with your most passionate fans and customers, aside from being a way to hold contests, provide coupons, push promotions, and showcase your products/services, aside from being a platform to integrate your web-produced content like your blog, photos, and other social media (i.e. Tweets), aside from being a way to announce events and manage guest lists, and aside from being a way to feature your business’ team members, joint ventures, and partners, Facebook boosts your web search visibility.

It’s that straight-forward.

Facebook is an SEO machine for your business. Of course, you have to be using it correctly. That can be done by managing your content actively, optimizing your custom textual areas, interlinking your Facebook page, and utilizing your key word list.

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Hamptons Creative Group helps businesses get the most from Facebook with our Facebook marketing service and social media bundle package. Start here and Hamptons Creative Group will make Facebook work for you.


Word of Mouth Daily – November 7, 2011 – Age is Just a Number to Facebook Users

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth Daily – November 7, 2011

Age is Just a Number to Facebook Users

A July 2011 survey conducted by Forrester Research of nearly 60,000 adults in the US and Canada found no generational limits on Facebook. There was no significant difference in age between Facebook users. Those in the 18-22 age group were just as likely to have a Facebook account as those 67+ years old.

This contrasts the two trailing social networking sites, LinkedIn and Twitter. Among LinkedIn users, the bulk of users are in the 23-45 year old range. Twitter’s user population is heavily stacked with Generation Z and Y – those 18-22 and 23-31 years old, respectively. Twitter users older than that drop off steadily afterward.

Read Forrester’s own commentary for further insights and data here.

The survey was completed prior to the public launch of the Google+ social networking site.

The main takeaway from this report is that your business must have a mix of social options to reach the spectrum of potential consumers. Further, your message should match the audience on each platform. Need a hand with that? Just ask, and Hamptons Creative Group will help you explore your options.


Word of Mouth – October 20, 2011 – Preparation

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth – October 20, 2011


Last week, we talked about Linda’s trip to San Francisco for a spiritual marketing seminar. That seminar was another milestone in a fall season filled with exciting happenings in store for Hamptons Creative Group (and you). As we look back at that the plans we made, we begin to marvel at how everything we’ve planned is coming together.
It hasn’t been without effort. In fact, we’ve augmented our already terrific team in order to make new elements coalesce, and prepare ourselves to meet our clients’ needs as we grow and as they grow.

Meet Judi Cogen, our newest Social Media Strategist who works with us virtually (as several ofJudi Cogen, Social Media Strategist our team members do). She’s helping us provide top-level service to our clients on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Some businesses relied on their summer interns to handle their social media marketing efforts. Once those interns transitioned back to school, business were stuck asking now what?

Because we have pr ofessionals on our team focused on helping your business grow (not on getting college credit) Hamptons Creative Group helps take what you might have thought of as a time-drain and turn it into a business booster. Donna Amos, our Inspirer of Possibilities, identified Judi as just the right person to help our clients. 

When we explore bringing new people in, we first identify the role we want them to play, and the unique expertise they need to do the job right. That’s part of the preparation to ensure they are successful, so that we can be successful as a team.
What are you doing to prepare for your next big happening? Are you adding staff for an event or promotion? Bringing in experts for a quick consult? When you spend time planning, your rewards are that much sweeter because you’ve laid the groundwork for success.
If your next big thing is still floating around your head, talk with us. We’re prepared to help you with things like custom Facebook and LinkedIn pages, marketing plans, and in-depth relationships through our Marketing Partnership

Don’t let the opportunity to prepare for success pass you by.



Word of Mouth – October 13, 2011 – San Francisco

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth – October 13, 2011

San Francisco

As you read this, Linda’s in San Francisco for a spiritual marketing seminar. No, she’s not learning how to market to ghosts – although that would fit our October theme of trick or tweeting, Suzanne Falter-Barns and Jeffrey Van Dyk. Image © Siddiqi Ray, LLC.wouldn’t it?

Rather, she’s on a spiritual marketing quest, led by the esteemed Suzanne Falter-Barns and Jeffrey Van Dyk.

These soul-guided entrepreneurs ask participants to surrender more deeply to their innate gifts, wherever they are at in their business. It’s like a spa visit for your soul!

Special thanks to Marie Guthrie for the invitation. Linda met Marie at a mastermind event a few years ago, and she has been part of the Hamptons Creative Group extended family ever since. Marie’s a Career & Life Change Strategist who brings clarity to the goals of her own clients, just like Hamptons Creative Group brings clarity to the goals of our customers.

One thing Linda’s never been afraid of is delving deep into her own marketing mission to discover how to better serve those who need our help.

But if you’re afraid to take the first step into the sometimes scary work of social media, try our free Guide to Twitter for Marketing Managers and Small Businesses. You’ll learn to apply some simple rules you already know (really, you do!) to your Twitter marketing.

So click on the link and get started on your own marketing quest!





Word of Mouth – October 6, 2011 – Trick or Tweet Guide to Twitter

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth – October 6, 2011

Trick or Tweet Guide to Twitter

Trick or Tweet! No, we’re not suffering from a writing impediment. We’re excited that it’s October and the time for vanquishing our scary monsters. As defined in marketing terms, that is.
Scary marketing monster #1: Branding. Are you wearing the appropriate costume to ensure treats? Or is your image frightening your customers away?
Scary marketing monster #2: Silence. Do your clients shiver with delight at your magic words and messages? Or are you playing a nasty trick by saying nothing to them at all?
Scary marketing monster #3: Same house, same candy. Some marketing tools are like candy to portions of your customer base, and like poison to others. Are you up to date on the benefits and drawbacks of each of the marketing tools at your disposal? Are you afraid of a simple, quick and exciting option like Twitter?
Hamptons Creative Group is here to tell you that you don’t have to be afraid of using Twitter (or any marketing tool) for your business. And if you’d like to know how to apply the rules of Trick or Tweeting to your own marketing, there’s no better time or place than now because we’ve got a guide that shows you what to do quickly, simply and easily.

Now click here to fill in your information and your free Guide to Twitter for Marketing Managers and Small Businesses will land in your inbox like the sweetest Halloween treat of all!

And be sure to follow Hamptons Creative Group on Twitter @HamptonsCG




Word of Mouth – September 29, 2011 – Guest Blogger Sharon Wolf

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth – September 29, 2011

Guest Blogger Sharon Wolf


This month’s guest blogger is Sharon Wolf, Managing Director of QualiData Research, Inc. Sharon has shared so much valuable advice that it’s going to take two posts to cover it all!

Here’s Part One of her generous contribution.

Seven Tips for Marketing on a Shoestring Budget – Part 1

Getting Started
It is a mistake to invest any time or money in marketing before you have created a strong brand image that separates your products and/or services from your competition. Your brand image combines all of these elements:

  • Your product or services offering – its features and benefits
  • The company’s unique selling proposition
  • The firm’s logo design and all print and online marketing materials
  • Customer experiences with every aspect of your product or service – from product performance, to solving customers’ problems, to billing procedures, to follow-up customer communications, etc

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
Once you have clearly defined and created a written description of the brand image you want customers to think of when they see your logo, marketing materials and when they visit your website, for example, you are ready to plan marketing activities.

Here are the first three low-cost but high impact ideas:

1. Write articles for a trade press and volunteer for speaking engagements at professional conferences and seminars. These activities position you and your company or firm as experts and leaders in your profession or industry. The only cost is the time you’ll need to invest in preparing articles and conference presentations. If you publish articles, post them for downloading on your website, send them to clients and prospects and also post these publications on your business’ Facebook page. (see #3)

2. Review all of your marketing materials to be sure that they all communicate a consistent and strong brand image for your company. Invite a graphic designer to evaluate your existing logo, business cards, website, brochures and all other marketing materials against your brand positioning statement. Under the guidance of a professional graphic designer, revise and update marketing materials and graphics, as needed. For advice about graphic designers, contact Hampton Creative Group’s Mission Controller Matthew Iscoe.

This is the only step of the seven steps described here that is likely to involve a financial investment. This investment, however, is critical to the updating of your brand image and is one that typically offers a great deal of value-added to your marketing efforts.

3. Consider setting-up a business Facebook page so that you can invite your customers and important prospects to become “friends” of your company. One caveat – don’t waste your time setting up a Facebook page unless you have the time and people resources to post useful content on a consistent basis or work with a company that can do it for you.

Meaningful Facebook content can include postings of such information as:

  • Industry trend tidbits
  • Brief case studies about ways you helped customers or clients
  • “How-to” advice of interest to your customers – for example, restaurateurs can post recipes, attorneys can discuss popular legal issues, physicians can offer health advice, etc.

The goal of a Facebook presence is to keep your customers and prospects involved with your brand and your company – it’s a relationship-building and relationship maintenance strategy. The same rules for meaningful content apply to the use of Twitter for brand-building.

Look for Part Two of Sharon’s Tips for Marketing on a Shoestring Budget in next month’s Word Of Mouth Guest Blog post.

Sharon Wolf, M.A., M.S. is a brand and product innovation consultant at QualiData Research Inc., a consultancy that provides growing companies with business-building advice grounded in marketing research findings. Sharon and her partner, Hy Mariampolski, Ph.D., operate QualiData from East Hampton, San Francisco and Park Slope. QualiData and Hamptons Creative Group often collaborate on behalf of mutual clients.



Word of Mouth – September 15, 2011 – Fall Preview

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Hamptons Creative Group - Word of Mouth Blog

Word of Mouth – September 15, 2011

Fall Preview

Fall is definitely in the air here in the Hamptons. What a great time – crisp mornings and evenings, warm days, and a hint of color in the leaves. This is the perfect time to tell you about some upcoming Hamptons Creative Group activities and happenings.
First – we had such a wonderful response to our Summer Conversations with the Experts series, that we’ll be doing another one soon. This time there will be a twist – we’re thinking of a whole day where we bring together thought leaders in marketing, branding, social media, etc. and hang out online. That way, you can check in continuously, ask questions, read through the conversation and add your own insight. We’re still working out the who, when and what, so watch for more soon.
We’re also excited about a new guide we’re developing. This time it’s Twitter: what it is, how to use it, why you should care, etc. Like the one we did for LinkedIn, this one will be filled to overflowing with information you can put to immediate use.
And remember we teased you about the Hamptons Water Cooler site expanding? Yep, that’s coming, too. We’re thinking about a paid membership component that provides exclusivity. So sign up on the Cooler now so you can be grandfathered into the good stuff.
Our website’s going to get some love this fall, as well. We have several products under development (beyond the LinkedIn guide and our webinar series), so check in for a shopping cart on the website. Of course, will send out an announcement when it’s live.
See, we’ve been spending some productive time planning our fall. What are you doing to plan for your next months and year? If you’re dragging your feet, or just don’t know where to begin, sign up for our Marketing Makeover Ultimate. You’ll receive a binder full of checklists, timelines and easy to implement tasks that will take you into the fall, through the winter and well into next spring and summer.
What are you waiting for? Sign up now.




March 2011 Newsletter – Creative Thought Matters

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Creative Thought Matters

~Message from the Alchemist~

Our message from the Alchemist this month is an invitation to join us in a worthy cause – Relay for Life. This effort brings together community members, businesses, and cancer survivors and loved ones to raise money for cancer research. Will you join us?

Support Relay for Life at Ladies’ Night

When: March 10, 6-8 pm
Where: Rose Jewelers Southampton – 57 Main Street 
RSVP: By March 7 to 631.283.5757
Your involvement makes it possible for us to take turns walking or running around the Southampton Town Rec Center track on April 1st. Because cancer never sleeps, R4L is a 24-hour, overnight event!

Our team needs your support. We hope to see you there!


~Heard Around The Cooler~

Are you a member of Hamptons Water Cooler? We’ve updated the first Hamptons-only online social network where businesses connect and conversation flows. Now the Cooler is an even BETTER place to share your stories, promote events, post video and photos, chat, contribute tips, and build relationships. What have you heard about the new, improved “Heard Around The Cooler?”

Stop by and give it a try!

With Goldman Sachs investing $1 billion in Facebook and JP Morgan Chase in talks to buy a stake in Twitter, there’s no question that online social networking is something your business or organization must participate in. Hamptons Creative Group helps groups take the social media plunge and dive deeper toward success.

~Beach Booty: Tips from Hamptons Creative Group~

When building your network of connections, don’t overlook the obvious. Too many people think that they have no network because they fail to “count” the people all around them. Family, neighbors, classmates, service providers and vendors, and EVERYONE ELSE you know are all members of your network. In fact, one of the best ways to grow your network is through personal referrals from your friends and family.

Need help building your network? Let Hamptons Creative Group suggest ways for you to connect – in person or online – to build your network.

~Success Stories~

Anti-Aging & Family Wellness Group is our Success Story this month. Under the direction of Caroline Fierro, M.D., this practice is taking steps toward becoming a nationally recognized brand. With a new email marketing program managed by Hamptons Creative Group set to deploy this month, Dr. Fierro and her group are primed to see great results.

Looking for great results in your own email marketing? Hamptons Creative Group has prepared a new eguide called, “The 10 Perennial Principles in Email Marketing.”

Visit our website to receive your complimentary copy.

~On the Horizon~

We’re always looking for new ways to provide marketing, design, and promotion for clients. This has lead us to construct additional production opportunities that reflect the diverse needs of a plant-wide market. 

How do we determine which direction to take and how are these connections made? One way is through face-to-face interactions. At a recent event promoted by Hamptons Creative Group, we were introduced to several individuals each looking for help telling their unique success story.

Another way is through broadcasting. CEO Linda A.B. Miller again had the pleasure of being on the airwaves of WPPB 88.3-FM last month. Business owners and organizations who were tuned in look to Hamptons Creative Group to provide connections with their ideal audience — and we find the best way to do it.

So, what’s on the horizon? Let us know your challenges and we’ll help you make the changes toward your own success story.

~Hamptons Creative Group Blog~

Did you take a road trip with us during February? Did you see David White’s guest blog and interview with Brian Tracy? You did if you follow our blog, Word of Mouth. Each week, we’re keeping the conversation flowing and staying connected with the things, people, places and happenings that intrigue us. Are you part of the conversation?



Hamptons Creative Group


Word of Mouth Feb 17, 2011 Rear View Mirror

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Visit Hamptons Creative Group

Word of Mouth – February 17, 2011

Road Trip Month, Week 4

We’ve arrived at Road Trip Month Week 4, so it’s time to take a look in the rear view mirror to see where we’ve been on our trip through branding, social media and marketing.
A Look In The Rear View Mirror
By looking backwards, we mean measuring and evaluating the results of your efforts. Have you seen an uptick in your blog traffic? An increase in comments on your social networking sites? Did you conduct a client survey to get feedback on your promotions, products or services? Do you even know where to begin this kind of metric analysis?

The Gadgets on the Dashboard

Jay Baer of Convince & Convert recently had an excellent article on the six social media success metrics you should be tracking and the ways to measure them. There’s a new tool that just debuted, too, called Export.ly. This new service makes it easy to get useful Twitter, Facebook, and social media data in one spreadsheet. With all of these ways to analyze your efforts, you’ll be able to see what’s successful and adapt your branding and social media marketing accordingly.

Asking for Directions

Another way to measure your success in marketing is to ask your customers how they like the road you’re driving down. Yep, it’s that easy. If you use a web-based software program to manage your email marketing and newsletters, you likely have a built in survey tool to query your customers. If you don’t use one of these programs, Survey Monkey is a great  way to get the feedback you need. Remember, everyone likes being asked for an opinion – so ask!

A Clean Windshield
We use many of these tools and more at Hamptons Creative Group to analyze how the world views our clients’ branding and marketing messages. Taking a look in the rear view mirror is critical to adjusting the course ahead. How do you know where you’re going when you don’t know where you’ve been?
We hope you’ve enjoyed the road trip with us this month.



Hamptons Creative Group


It’s 2011…Got A Plan ?

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Marketing Agency Southampton, New York – Hamptons Creative
Marketing – Creative Ad Agency

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